Comfortable and reassuring, mi Jia zero cold water gas water heater S1 experience

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Arrived in winter, the most comfortable of course is bubble a warm warm hot bath, especially after coming home from work, wash a comfortable hot bath can take out the exhaustion of a suit.But the general water heater, every time want to put out a lot of cold water will have hot water to come out, can say is a waste of time, and takes the water, and recently I started a can open the hot water heater, namely home new meter zero cold gas water heater S1, 18 l water, experience the feeling is very good, let’s see.The author always likes the appearance of mi jia’s product design. Simple design really makes people feel comfortable at a glance. This time MI Jia zero cold water gas water heater S1 still adopts the simple appearance design, with the integrated panel matching matte white color, which is very versatile.Is set up between a circular control panel, top and a one-way valve exhaust port, is used to discharge waste gas, here also said a bit of the intelligent heater, meters, gas leakage alarm linkage with water heater can, alarm, namely to cut off the gas water heater, stop the burning, and open the flue exhaust.At the same time, the DC frequency conversion fan equipped inside the fuselage can effectively prevent the gas backflow of the exhaust pipe and avoid the phenomenon of flameout of the water heater.In fact, the reason why the author chooses MI Jia zero cold water gas water heater S1 is mainly because it adopts the whole house zero cold water technology, which can preheat the water in the water pipe in advance. When the cold water heater in the pipe is pumped back and heated to the target temperature, the water heater stops working. In this way, the tap is hot water.And it has 18 liters of water, which is more than enough for a one-kitchen, two-bath home.Installation, m home zero cold gas water heater S1 is support free on-site installation, and teacher professionalism is very trustworthy, also specially prepared by powder bags when punching, details are in place, but one thing is important to note that when the teacher give the home to install found exhaust tube short, so temporary take old tube connected to first,The later period had been matched to install again new, because the size of S1 exhaust smoke pipe of water heater of zero cold water gas of rice home is compared with common city sell the size of exhaust smoke pipe to want a few thicker, so outside hardware shop also is bad to match, so here still suggest manufacturer installs teacher to match a few prolong tube to after sale, so that get used to all sorts of distance environment.Next says the whole experience above, the first is in terms of intelligence, can carry on the Internet with m APP, from the water heater to on the phone, in addition to adjust the water temperature and preheated, it also provides a variety of bath way, different ways out of the water temperature is different also, experience and feeling to choose AI temperature control.AI temperature control target temperature can automatically determine the temperature to be heated according to the water inlet temperature of tap water. The current tap water temperature is about 10-12℃, and the target temperature is automatically set to 41℃.Others, 41 ℃ for comfort, 39 ℃ for children and 36 ℃ for kitchen, which is really thoughtful.At the same time, we can also communicate with Xiao Ai through the APP to directly control the water heater by voice.The water heater also supports the AUTOMATIC preheating function of NFC touch stickers.Of course, in addition to the option of preheating switch, the APP also provides two options to turn on the preheating function, namely single effective or continuous effective. Of course, the most practical function must be timing preheating, which can be carried out according to daily life habits.Do good on the water heater in the security protection, brought 12 heavy security protection, in addition to just the author talked about the wind resistance of preventing gas flow backward, and freeze protection Settings, according to the water temperature to determine whether to provide water to prevent freezing pipe heating water pipes, and whether to need to antifreeze reminds, mainly for if there are outdoor pipes, to prevent the pipe freezing in winter.APP bath heat preservation function, the author also like, turn off the water every time after the heat for 2 minutes, automatically can simply see it as a bath time continuous preheating function, in order to make sure once again turned on the tap water temperature, like our shower gel and shampoo may close in the process of faucet, flush when required to open again,At this time, there will not be a large temperature difference in the water temperature in the pipeline due to a short shutdown.In terms of the feeling of water outlet, it is hot water when it is opened, and the water pressure is also very large, the water outlet is fast and the amount of water is large, which is also because it has a built-in DC frequency conversion pump, which can choose the pressurization mode according to different water consumption.That is, AI supercharging and standard supercharging, standard supercharging can also choose the supercharging ratio, experience the feeling of using AI supercharging, the adjustment of supercharging ratio needs professional water measurement to see the difference, of course, the greater the supercharging ratio, the noise generated by the pump is also relatively increased.Against the m’s zero cold gas water heater S1 experience, the water heater does bring a good comfortable feeling, m home products, as usual, intelligent linkage is also very good is applied to the water heater machine, operating more simple portable, large number of litres of water plus zero cold water technology, not only don’t have to worry about water,The instant hot water is really too comfortable, and there are all kinds of safety protection, so the price of more than 2,000 is very high, you can consider it if you need it.