Today, I arrived at the busiest station in the country

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Today is the sixth day of the Spring Festival holiday, have you recovered?!The Spring Festival holiday is really “unsparing”, although everyone is reluctant to part with it, but it still does not care,Turned and walked on February 6, returning passenger peak reporters in chengdu east station in the returning travelers are increasingly likely to see in chengdu east station on the ground floor return the passengers are ready to personal protective orderly queuing at the exit through the outbound gate on the first day of chengdu east station exit negative on the first floor this Spring Festival put into use in the southwest of the first “inbound” lost and found items some of the passengers is being dealt with carelessFrom id cards to suitcases, mobile phones, gift boxes of nuts…Passengers lost property variety is actually long holiday is coming to an end from leisurely and comfortable atmosphere immediately started back and orderly working status because of the psychological and physiological “inertia” will start to appear more or less some don’t adapt to the rhythm of body or is “negligence” in action in the last day of the holiday, for example, consciously do something related to work,Adjust your mental state back to work.▌ Above all, be at peace with the fact that these symptoms arise naturally when people restart their work, accept the restart process, and don’t be too critical of your own state.▌ In addition, work arrangement should be gradual. You can start with simple tasks and work your way up to a normal pace.During Spring Festival long holiday, your food quantity often can increase, add curcuma time to grow carry amount to reduce, its consequence is not just “every festive festival is fat 3 catty” so simple, your “spirit of energy” also can be affected, whole person becomes “lazy”.☞ Therefore, after the holiday to gradually resume exercise, eliminate fatigue, restore energy, enhance the function of the digestive system, improve immunity.Exercise can also help ease depression and stress, helping to adjust to a busy work schedule and lose weight.☞ However, post-holiday recovery exercise must not be too eager to achieve, the amount of exercise should be controlled.In order to avoid crowds gathering, people can choose yoga, rope skipping, aerobics, taijiquan, baduanjin and other sports that require less space, step by step, and gradually improve exercise intensity and physical fitness.☞ In addition, we advocate “keeping healthy in daily life, living, nourishing and biochemical”. In the period when sports venues are relatively limited, we can integrate exercise regimen into daily life.For example, increase housework, take elevators less, climb stairs more, get off the bus in advance and walk to the destination, so as to improve their physical condition.During the holidays, your daily schedule is often disrupted, and your life is out of order. It is easy to have insomnia, wake up early, and feel depressed and depressed after the holiday.▌ In this case, we should adjust our body clock as soon as possible and schedule our rest and sleep according to the normal working rhythm.Get plenty of rest from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.Defecation between 5am and 7am is conducive to normal intestinal function. Schedule your sleep and rest according to your body’s time rhythm so that all systems can return to their normal rhythm.As the prevention and control of the epidemic has become part of our daily lives, we should take a scientific approach to the situation. Wear masks, wash hands frequently, and minimize gatherings.☞ Prepare disinfection and protective articles for post-holiday work in advance;☞ Choose walking, cycling or driving to and from work;▌ When socializing with others, try to keep a safe distance of “one meter line”;☞ Focus on authoritative sources, enhance your ability to identify information, and reduce rumors.I believe you have these in mind come on!After the holiday, full of vitality!Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Liu Ying liu Yang Photography/video shooting Liu Yang Video clip Liu Ying editing Li Min proofreading Wang Ling