Franchisees were deceived into opening copycat stores to compensate 1.3 million!Net red milk tea flower 100 million counterfeit 7000 copycat shops, Hangzhou also burst the fire

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According to A CCTV financial report, Zhao Yu, who likes drinking milk tea, invested 900,000 yuan to join a well-known brand milk tea shop in 2018, but the taste of milk tea has been questioned by many customers, and the customer flow is becoming less and less.More than a year later, Zhao lost more than 1.3 million yuan.One day, she received a phone call and was told that she, like more than 7,000 franchisees, had been duped into opening a “fake store.”The person in charge of the formal tea brand told reporters that after opening the first store in early 2017, the brand party began to apply for registration of food and beverage service trademarks in September of that year.During this period, shanzhai stores opened at a much faster rate than genuine ones.”At the peak, we had 114 stores nationwide and 7,000 fake stores.When the trademark was obtained, counterfeiting and dismantling signboards were carried out.The economic cost is about 100 million yuan.”Hangzhou consumers should be familiar with this milk tea shop. In June 2018, West Lake Intime opened its first store in Hangzhou, deer Horn Lane, and the rush of queuing overtook Xi Tea.A month later, the number of antler Lane stores (including those not yet open for business under renovation) surged to 22. In addition to the main urban area of Hangzhou, Fuyang, Xiaoshan, Linping and Tonglu also opened antler Lane stores one after another.The West Lake Intime stores publicly said they had nothing to do with them.As reported by Qianjiang Evening News · Hour News in July 2018, many “Antler Lane” shops were opened in Hangzhou within a month. In fact, the trademark was not approved, but this did not stop investors’ crazy enthusiasm for opening shops. The following year, the number of milk tea shops named “Antler Lane” once surged to 160.At that time, qianjiang Evening News · Hour News reporter also bought 7 milk tea named “Antler Lane”, 7 stores, 7 cups of milk tea, almost the same appearance, taste of a thousand different.Back in 2020, some netizens broke the news at that time: “Rush to ‘60,000 yuan per month’ (join milk tea), but finally lost all the down payment for the house!”Wang Ming (pseudonym), born after 1995, decided to start his own business after graduating from college because he was not satisfied with working nine-to-five.Young energetic Wang Ming listened to the investment manager that calls oneself deer horn lane acting “earn 60 thousand a month” view, joined the milk tea brand that calls glass whale, half a year more compensate light parents to prepare 300 thousand buy a house down payment.Just began to prepare to start a business, Wang Ming is in the heart of michelle ice city and Chongqing a local snack brand, but join the process is not very smooth, when Wang Ming is at a loss, he received a call claiming to be deer horn lane investment manager.At that time, the antler lane in Chongqing special fire, coupled with the so-called “investment manager” personally took Wang Ming to Guangzhou field trip, Wang Ming “smooth into the set”.The franchise fee is 120,000 yuan, the material fee is 46,000 yuan, the management fee is 10,000 yuan and the security deposit is 10,000 yuan, plus the store deposit and transfer fee, the store has not even a scratch, it threw in nearly 300,000 yuan.Although more than Wang Ming’s budget, but he thought, fortunately, there is a down payment to buy a house.But wait for a real site selection to decorate the time, he found that investment is a bottomless pit, 250,000 can not get down at all.Next, the staff training cost is more than 6000, in order to meet the company’s requirements for the decoration of the franchise store, the entire decoration cost is more than 70,000 yuan.Wang Ming just discovered when decorating, the company said good “give 50 thousand materials” actually only sent a small water bar, two refrigerated cabinets, and a few tools to shake milk tea.So far, the store has not opened, Wang Ming has almost invested more than 300,000, parents prepared to buy a down payment is not enough, had to ask parents to borrow some, plus their own savings before, finally opened the store.Opening only half a year, Wang Ming was hit three times, all the money to compensate.Many netizens said that people around them had been cheated by the milk tea scam.Today there are more and more cheats. I have a friend who also joins a shop and has spent tens of thousands of rounds of goods, but they are kept at home and won’t be returned.There are also those who have said that joining is risky, and investment needs to be cautious @ speck or the world is terrible: this kind of Internet celebrity milk tea shop can make profits in the Internet celebrity snack street.It is difficult to make profits in ordinary shops, and the various business operation modes inside are not known to us, I suggest that we should be careful to enter!!@(^ · Karu · ^) : although young people want to independent mood can understand, but still want to take a good investigation of the current industry market and the purchase of stores, warehouses and other hardware facilities, do not blind investment ah ~ @legend:Shopping mall is the battlefield, for students without experience pit too much, entrepreneurship in their own familiar field, start from the grassroots, find out the rules of the industry to talk about money, otherwise, it is easy to be cheated.Just now, qianjiang Evening News & Hour News reporter searched The Alley Da’s official wechat account, and according to The latest store list, hangzhou currently has 4 Antler Alley stores.”It was very popular a few years ago, but not in recent years,” said one consumer comment on an online review site.Have you heard of this milk tea shop?First, talk.