Beijing Tongzhou: Zhangjiawan Design Town gathers “new urban technology”

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Zhangjiawan Design Town Innovation Center has attracted a number of urban technology and innovative design enterprises to settle down.(File photo) At the beginning of the New Year, Zhangjiawan design town investment work ushered in a “good start”.As of yesterday, only 42 days after 2022, there have been 16 enterprises registered in Zhangjiawan Design Town with a registered capital of 890 million yuan.The introduction of these enterprises indicates that innovative design and the urban science and technology industry represented by the meta-universe are gathering in Zhangjiawan Design town.CallisonRTKL (Beijing) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “CallisonRTKL”) is one of the new friends who settled in Zhangjiawan Design Town this year.CallisonRT⁃KL is a global architecture and planning design consulting firm, established by the merger of RTKL and Callison in 2016. It deeply participates in China’s urban development with diversified design works.At present, CallisonRTKL has more than 1200 employees in offices around the world, including about 300 in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, with offices all over the world.In the field of architectural design in Chinese market, Calli⁃sonRTKL takes the lead.Speaking of the company’s completed design works, many are familiar, such as Shenzhen Mixc, Shanghai Joy City, Beijing CofCO Xiangyun Town, Beijing Dawang Road Hesheng Hui, Beijing Huaxi Live, Lenovo global headquarters (Beijing) park and other projects.He also has rich experience in the field of cultural public architecture. His famous masterpieces are The New Museum of China Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China Film Museum, Shanghai New Jiangwan Culture and Art Center, etc.In 2018, Cal⁃ Lisa ⁃ RTKL Retail Design ranked 1st in BD+C report, and 4th in overall ranking among top architecture/engineering firms.At present, CallisonRTKL has undertaken a number of architectural design projects in Beijing, including the reconstruction project of Xiaobao Art Area in Songzhuang Town, Tongzhou District in the city’s sub-center.The universe is the current hot field, Zhangjiawan design town has become the focus of the universe related enterprises.On January 19, Blue Universe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Cursor, signed a contract to settle in Zhangjiawan Design Town at the Conference of Promoting high-quality development of Beijing Sub-Center Industry.As the main position for Blue Cursor to focus on exploring the investment and operation of the meta-universe, Blue Universe has become the first heavyweight meta-universe enterprises to settle in the design town of Zhangjiawan, the sub-center of Beijing.It is reported that blue Universe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 100 million yuan, integrating blue Cursor’s existing virtual live broadcast room, virtual image to virtual space creation and other one-stop content, resources, technology and service ecology, comprehensively promoting the exploration and implementation of the related business of the meta-universe.”Blue universe will explore more virtual business action, industry related to accelerate yuan universe layout, promoting industrial chain upstream and downstream supply and demand docking, promote technological innovation, promote further application promotion, promote industry development, actively explore deputy center city yuan the universe technology the new experience of scene and yuan building industry cluster,Boost the digital industrialization and industrial digitalization of urban sub-centers to a new level.””Said Luo Bin, president of Blue Cursor Group.According to zhongguancun park, deputy director of the standing, tongzhou zhangjiawan town in design team leader Yu Long introduction, in 2022, zhangjiawan town in design program mainly around the “6 + 1 + 1” investment system to carry out the work, including industrial mapping, establishing the industrial spatial listing, investment promotion policy list, scene opportunity list, enterprise listing services, professional promotion plan,Build a digital information platform, establish an efficient cooperative investment promotion mechanism with platform companies, promote the construction of “design town, smart town and dynamic town”, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of Beijing sub-center.Reporter Chen Shijun photography Chang Ming editor zhang Manfei