A startup port that “forces” people to practice speeches and go to art exhibitions makes entrepreneurs feel thanks to it

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On the second floor of Sino-American International (Zhengzhou) Chuangye Port, Liu Fang, the person in charge of silk enamel painting project, is making silk enamel painting with 7 staff members.In the hands of these workers, a golden thread seems to become a brush, can be arbitrarily “draw” various shapes.Take a closer look and you will find that these workers are very focused and steady in their work.According to Liu, the seven workers, who are deaf and mute, graduated from the School of Special Education at Zhengzhou University of Engineering and Technology and have been studying silk pinching at the school for a year.At present, Liu fang, seven staff members and a teacher have formed an “entrepreneurial team” dedicated to spreading the art of silk cloisonne painting.”I think this project has social value as well as commercial value.First of all, it can help deaf-mute people to start businesses and find jobs, and gain more social recognition, which is a kind of positive energy.Second, the paintings we do are purely handmade, and the market prospects are also good.”Liu Fang told reporters.Besides, what Liu fang would like to talk about is the support of her “entrepreneurial team” from her hometown, The Sino-American International (Zhengzhou) Entrepreneurship Port.According to Liu fang, from Last June to the end of the year, the Startup Port gave them more than 300,000 yuan in financial support.Secondly, Wang Weigong, chairman of The board of chuangye Port, is also very appreciative of their entrepreneurial projects.”These young people have talent and ability, but they just don’t have a chance to show it.I was impressed when I saw their paintings. I think they are worth investment, incubation and success.We open our arms to anyone who wants to start a business.”Wang Weigong told reporters.It is Wang weigong and the characteristic of this start-up port to use “affection” to start a business.On the fifth floor of the startup port, Guo Songchao, founder of Zhengzhou Jianxin Software Technology Co., LTD., made it clear that he had friends and family, and felt warmth and care in this startup port.”Actually, I first came to Venture Port to apply for a job.After a stint as a software engineer, the chairman thought I was doing well and encouraged me to start my own business.”Guo Songchao told reporters, as want to change something male science and technology, he just graduated is not without the dream of entrepreneurship.But where will the money come from?What is the direction of entrepreneurship?How to develop the market?These difficulties made him feel powerless to start his own business.Then, like most graduates, he sent out resumes, interviewed, and went to Venture Port to work as a software engineer.”After he came, I thought he was very down-to-earth and had the ability to start a business, but he was afraid to take a step forward.”According to Wang, he then used various means to encourage Guo to take courage, such as giving him investment funds, helping him develop markets and taking him to physical training.After a series of refueling, Guo Songchao finally began his own entrepreneurial road.In order to help Guo songchao ease the tension on stage, Wang Weigong also “forced” him to practice speech, even because Guo Songchao did not dare to call customers “corporal punishment” him.In this way, “forcibly” forced out a software technology company.At present, the company’s customers are China Railway Equipment Group, China Science and Technology Cambrian and so on, and gradually to better development.In Chuangye Port, in addition to the office area, there are board game rooms, bookstores and teahouses. There is also an exhibition on the first floor, which is currently exhibiting paintings related to the Winter Olympics.Why are these zones set up?Wang Weigong introduces, this is because a lot of entrepreneurs are now “science and engineering”, pay attention to technology only, lack aesthetic feeling.”Through the influence of our entrepreneurial port, his artistic accomplishment will be improved, his entrepreneurial concept will also change, he will understand how to make products closer to consumers, so that products can really go out.”Wang weigong said that in the future, he will build Chuangye Port into a place with passion, warmth and positive energy, so that people who start businesses here can find a sense of belonging.Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video editor: Zhao Pengyu