The iPhone X, the world’s first USB-C port, sold for a fraction of its original price

2022-08-05 0 By

Earlier, we reported on the world’s second iPhone X with a usB-C port and added waterproof support to the first.The phone was then put up for auction on eBay, where it closed on Jan. 29 and fetched $3,000.While it’s certainly pricey compared to the used salvage value of the iPhone X or the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, it’s not nearly as expensive as the first model that hit the Internet, which sold for $86,000.Engineering student Ken Pillonel switched an iPhone X from Lightning to USB-C in October last year.The project was then open-source by Pillonel, which inspired Gernot Jobstl to create a new iPhone X with IPX8 waterproof support for the first time.According to Jobstl, he uses 20 percent carbon fiber for the ends, which are secured with super glue.During the demonstration, it was no problem to turn on the machine and take a shower under tap water.