Reduce weight can’t eat dessert?Let’s try it!Jiao outside glutinous and filling, sweet sweet special greedy solution!

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In order to lose weight, I have oatmeal for breakfast every day, every time!What the hell!Of course, on weekends, getting up late is the rhythm of going straight to lunch. And then, I love oats so much and I love throwing everything in the oven so much, the original crooked fruit is really wise, especially if it’s baked!This delicious oatmeal dessert, straight out of the pie, can’t eat ice for breakfast, occasionally want a sweet dessert, oatmeal is a great choice for children’s shoes!Simple and easy, and very convenient, suitable for early no time to do breakfast friends!The taste of the finished product really has the feeling of pizza!The smell of burning on the outside, the smell of sweet and soft inside, the smell of milk and the softness of banana, really delicate, the varieties of oats are very casual, made according to your own preferences, like rough texture, choose the whole grain straight flat because you like the delicate texture, so use instant oatmeal.Like the ingredients, feel free to add walnuts, raisins, blueberries, pecans, maple syrup.This is fang zi’s personal favorite collocation, strongly recommended!!Banana smoothie!!Bananas are sweet when ripe, so they’re sweet without sugar and super healthy!What are you doing putting nuts and nuts in the flesh?!Look at the surface baked dry also dig inside the sweet flavor of banana mud moist, excellent diet!!Can’t you lose weight and eat dessert?Give it a try!In the outer coke sticky full belly, sweet arouse appetite!Main ingredients: oats 80g milk 80ml egg 1 (about 55g) banana 1 excipient cinnamon powder Right amount Salt Right amount Method: All the ingredients are ready.Put the oatmeal into a bowl, add the eggs and mix directly with chopsticks.Add the milk and stir well.Milk I like “sparrow”, the milk taste good, sexual price is very high, protein content as high as 3.6 grams, ruyuan is Germany’s second biggest dairy producers, many big brands of the world belong to the same supplier of milk, milk source guaranteed to eat more at ease, milk is the best source of calcium in human body, if the condition allows, drink the best every day.If I buy it today, I can get 10 yuan for the ticket. It’s a good deal.Add salt and cinnamon, mix well and season to taste.Slice the bananas, add two thirds of the oatmeal flour, mix well, and garnish the remaining third with the oats.The ingredients, oats, eggs and milk, can be added as much as you want, such as nuts for flavor, and then just throw the oven out!Bake at 180 degrees for 10-25 minutes!I usually throw the oven, brush my teeth and wash my face, and then eat.Tip: Oatmeal is flat, and even if it has texture, it won’t be sticky.If you want to save yourself a lot of trouble, make lots at once, throw them out of the fridge and freeze them the next day when they’re hot!Men who want to lose fat and gain muscle for girls can replace eggs with just protein and add a tablespoon of protein powder, which can also be classified as a pre – or post-workout energy supply outside of breakfast!Salt version is also available, adding milk without water and sweetness, as well as vegetables and corn kernels ,,,, already ready!Is this depressing combination really good