Nantong and Nantong will be selected for the national women’s volleyball training camp

2022-08-05 0 By

On February 16, the new national women’s Volleyball training camp will open in Beilun, Ningbo.CAI Bin, the new head coach of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, will officially start the selection of the new training team.Today, CAI Bin in the “city calendar” interview bluntly, his team idea is to emphasize the team, emphasize the collective, the individual must obey the collective;Second, in the new coaching team and the new national team, emphasis on spirit;Third, it will give more opportunities to young people.CAI Bin led the Youth team of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team in the 2021 National Women’s Volleyball Championship and the 2021-2022 China Women’s Volleyball Super League, which fully demonstrated his on-the-spot coaching ability.Wu Mengjie, Wan Ziyue, Yang Jia, Ni Feifan and other young players under the guidance of CAI Bin, performance is commendable.Sun Yan, Wu Mengjie and Zhou Yitong, three post-00s players from Nantong, have represented Jiangsu in the National Women’s Volleyball League since the end of last year and won the second place for the team.Wu Mengjie and Zhou Yitong were selected to the new national team training camp and are also expected to be included in the new Chinese women’s volleyball team.Source: Handheld Nantong client