Is there a “human and snake war” in the community?Snake, nearly 3 meters long, confronts man with mouth open

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These two days, hangzhou temperature just turned warm, winter has not painted a sentence, Hangzhou firefighters have received the snake for help.At 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon of February 25, hangzhou fire rescue detachment command center received help, in the north of the city xinhong garden community, there was a big snake.Command center immediately assigned hangzhou fire special service second station firefighters rushed to the scene disposal.’When we got there, the caller was on the phone and he was very nervous and said he’d never seen such a big snake.'”Said the fireman.Firefighters arrived at the scene, was also in front of the scene “surprised”.A snake nearly three meters long was hanging from a tree in front of the house, and the snake was still slowly climbing up the trunk.”I was cleaning up and I don’t know where it came from, it went up a tree pretty quickly.”The man who called 119 for help was an uncle, who the firefighters could see was very frightened.The snake had no luck either. After climbing up a tree, it got caught in a green web that was sticking out of the tree.”The net was put up recently to protect the tree. Unexpectedly, the snake was’ caught ‘.”Community residents said.Firefighters observing the scene found that the snake was trapped in the net and could not easily escape.So catching it is relatively easy.After taking protective measures, firemen began to capture the snake using the trap they carried with them.Perhaps the firefighter’s action “annoyed” the snake, which suddenly opened its jaws and made an “attack” gesture as the trap approached.”It looks fierce, but to us, it doesn’t work.”The fireman laughed.Because the snake was trapped in a net, the “damage value” of the snake’s attack was very limited, and with a snake trap at its side, firefighters quickly removed the snake from the tree and put it in a woven bag prepared beforehand.”If it hadn’t been caught in the net, it would have been very difficult to catch.”Firefighters said the snake was very fierce throughout the process.It is dangerous to be in a residential area if provoked.After the snake was caught, firefighters experienced in snake catching identified it as a common cauliflower snake, non-toxic.It was nearly three metres long and the size of the arm of a four – or five-year-old child.”Gross estimate is quick have 10 catties weight.””Said the fireman.After the snake was caught, firefighters deliberately found a wild area far from residential areas and released it.How does a snake this big end up in the north end of town?Firefighters said that the environment in the north of the city was relatively good. There were snake activities in spring and summer every year in the past two years, and the fire department had many records of police catching snakes.”The snake may have been hibernating in a corner of a residential area and may have been disturbed by residents cleaning up their mess.”The fireman guessed.Next, Hangzhou will soon usher in spring flowers, hibernating snakes will gradually wake up, out of food, breeding.Here, the hour news and hangzhou fire issued a reminder: when encountering snakes, please do not panic.If you encounter a snake in the wild, take a detour.Snakes like to live in damp and dark environments, so people should be very careful when crossing shrubs and grass.If you find a snake in your home, do not arrest or drive it away without authorization. You should stay calm and leave slowly, and call 119 to seek professional help to avoid harm caused by the snake attack.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: