How does Facebook grab the comments couch

2022-08-05 0 By

Anyone who uses Facebook for advertising knows how important it is to grab the comment couch. How do you grab the comment couch?How powerful is the comment couch?If you can find some large pages and grab the first comment in time, as long as your comment is prominent enough, you can get a wide range of exposure, which is equivalent to getting a free publicity opportunity. I believe that some people will ask here, I choose the region and the local time difference problem,I can not always pay attention to whether he has updated?This requires you to set it up via Facebook, so how does that work?Facebook1, first of all, you need to pay attention to the page information you need, so that you become a fan of his 2, under the likes of all click start, so that you can timely receive the account update notification 3, in the previous step has solved the post update notification timeliness,Then this step needs to solve is the comment 4, at this time for the comment should be someone raised questions, even if MY action again fast also may not catch up with other fans published speed ah?It doesn’t matter if you can’t get on the couch in the first place, you can use some vests to top your posts, which means clicking “like” on your posts to get the most out of them