Changan CS95 finally fire, grow exceed 4 meters 9, match sofa

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In recent years, because of the opening of the two-child policy, so many consumers in the purchase of family cars, will focus on large space models, which is the most popular in recent years SUV models and MPV models, because SUV models are not only excellent appearance, power performance is also very strong,The most important thing is that the price ratio is often relatively high.Changan CS 95 is finally popular. It is over 4.9m long, equipped with sofa seats, and built with Blue Whale 2.0T+ Aixin 6AT.In the domestic car market, highlander is definitely a big benchmark level in the field of seven SUV models, because it itself has a very attractive charm, both appearance design and interior configuration, all with excellent performance, Chinese people are like the doctrine of the mean, the highlander is in this line, because it couldn’t pick the obvious errors in particular,So it is loved by domestic consumers.In the field of domestic cars, Changan CS 95 is definitely a model that can compete with Highlander.CS 95 changan finally fire, the length of the car over 4 meters 9, with a timely four-wheel drive system, but also take blue whale 2.0T.If you want to compete with Highlander, you must have a very proud performance in appearance design. The appearance level of Changan CS 95 can be said to be as good as land Rover. It is full of ambition and also brings a strong aura.The front face is a multi-type intake grille, and on the intake grille there are chrome-plated ornaments for decoration and ornament, not only further enhance the whole front face brought by the aura, and to a certain extent to bring a full sense of delicacy.The LED headlights on both sides are very sharp in shape and perfectly integrated with the air intake grille, so the integrity of the whole front face is very strong.From the perspective of the body, Changan CS 95 also brings a full aura, if the visual effect brought by the front face is young and fashionable, then the visual effect brought by the body is very stable and tough, completely different styles are perfectly integrated together, but also bring consumers a new visual experience.Because all the line of car body is straight, will also be body to build very rich strength breath, so they brought a very tall and strong visual result, and to a certain extent, improve the visual impact brought by the body, the rear of the design is to let a person shine at the moment, because it USES the taillight design is now popular throughout type,The visual effect brought by the lighting is very recognizable, and the double exhaust pipe also brings full of sports atmosphere.Interior simple atmosphere after looking at the appearance of the interior, let’s take a look at the performance of the interior. The entire interior layout of Changan CS 95 looks relatively simple, but also very classy.Because of what class feels sometimes reflects, reflect not only luxurious configuration and use mastos on, it is more reflect on the grade that is in contracted atmosphere, changan CS 95 presented this one point very perfectly.The material used in the car is also very delicate, more delicate workmanship, so it brings full texture.In terms of size, the specific length, width and height of Changan CS 95 is 4949×1930×1790mm, and the wheelbase is 2810mm, which is much better than that of Toyota Highlanda. In addition, Changan CS 95 is equipped with sofa seats and conforms to the ergonomics, so the overall ride comfort is quite excellent.The noise reduction in the car is very excellent, the sound insulation effect is very good, after closing the door, the car is quiet like a library, the configuration is also quite rich.As for the power system, Changan CS 95 is also equipped with blue Whale 2.0T engine, the maximum horsepower is 233 horsepower, this output power is quite excellent, and some models are also equipped with Borgwarner timely four-wheel drive system, in the transmission aspect is matched with the Iaxin 6AT transmission,The overall dynamic performance is quite excellent.The event will run from February 26, 2022 to February 28, 2022