Wudu: The rain season seedling busy

2022-08-04 0 By

Rain solar term, the earth spring, farming gradually, spring tillage seedlings just the time.In the villages and industrial parks of Wudu District of Longnan City, 26.52 million orders of pepper seedlings are in full swing.Shimen town early in the morning, in the wu district of qing long industrial park, 600 tons of substrate was taken to the workshop, sowing seed in the workshop, automated machine is the most efficient, the workers put on the conveyor belt, the hole tray will be hot pepper seeds in a satisfactory, add soil, satisfactory, traying series sowing work is performed by the machine automatic assembly line.Seeding is just the first step of pepper seedling, into the shed management is a key link in the process of seedling, YuMiaoPeng, workers carrying hole tray, arrows, and scratching, handling, plate, busy, skillfully in order to improve the quality of seedlings, wu all district bureau of agriculture and rural areas in professional and technical personnel of personnel engaged in the work of seedlings, the management in-depth guidance, to ensure the good, the rot seedlings cultivation.Wudu District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural areas senior agronomist Zhao Xiaoping said:”Spring rain solar terms, the rise of temperature is the most suitable for hot pepper seedling work, our bureau of agriculture and rural areas in technical personnel technical guidance to the first production line, to ensure that cannot lack of seed sowing period, after getting into bed to water flooding, according to the temperature changes at the same time, to do a good job of ventilation, to ensure that the emergence of neat, the seedling cultivation, for farmers to provide quality seedlings.”Order pepper is wudu district to promote agricultural income, promote rural revitalization of the key industry.In recent years, Wudu district based on the reality, closely focused on the pepper industry “short cycle, quick effect, large demand, broad prospects” and other advantages, tightly grasp the seedling link, the introduction of new varieties, absorb the surrounding people to work nearby, strengthen the industry, do large-scale, make considerable benefits, so that farmers really embark on the road to prosperity.Shi Haihong, a villager from Gulou Village, Shimen Town, Wudu District, said, “I am now working in the industrial park to cultivate pepper seedlings. I earn more than 100 yuan a day and 3,000 yuan a month, which can be used as subsidies for family and children.””The industrial park this year chilies seed seedlings 15.8 million strains, the main varieties are no. 5 pepper, sichuan pepper beads pepper, sword, etc., can be planted area of 6000 mu, benefit more than 3000 farmers, estimated per mu output value in 4000-6000 yuan.”Green long modern agriculture industrial park staff zhang Yu li said.Reporter: Shi Chen, Li Jianchao, Supervisor: Zhang Wenbin, Supervisor: Zhang Xiulan, Editor: Meng Taotao, Editor: Zhou Hongxia