Officer xuan!”Green little White” and “green little Moss” shine

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Mentioned qingshan “star” on the tip of the tongue that definitely not green radish and built continent bolt as green food “double arrogant” with outstanding appearance and taste all have captured a food lovers stomach became famous in green food products in the area of the 12th party congress report for the past five years the main job was to review and summarize clearly mentioned “to speed up the pace of rural revitalization,To create castle peak radish, jianzhou vegetable moss characteristic brand “more castle peak food” double arrogant “plus official certification to enhance castle peak food culture transmission power to help rural revitalization, especially for castle peak two big food” double arrogant “castle peak radish Jianzhou vegetable moss design lovely and friendly cartoon image” green small white””Green moss” click the picture below to obtain the cartoon image of Castle Peak radish ▼ Click the picture below to obtain the cartoon image of Jianzhou cabbage moss ▼ After seeing castle peak radish, jianzhou cabbage moss cartoon image to listen to “green white”, “green moss” tell the story of castle peak can not miss the following video from the youth castle peak,Length 01:00 bring click view the animated short introduction with small white, small green moss based image also innovation four sets of new image how lovely yo labor image element of the communist youth league image fashionable image New Year New Year “blue white”, “small green moss” on call welcome to invite you to their play forward to let more people fall in love with green food produced by the “double arrogant” :Qingshan District Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China Propaganda Department Qingshan Rong Media Center source: Qingchun Qingshan