How high is blood pressure ability influential to the body?Can I still take Avanafil?

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Since the number of high blood pressure cases in China is increasing year by year, the problems it extends to are becoming more and more important.Erectile dysfunction is also a concern for many men.Especially extended out of the drug problem, hypertensive people can still be used?The answer is yes, but the key to understanding this question is to first identify the relationship between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction, and whether there is a correlation between common medications.It can be roughly divided into the following aspects: Erectile dysfunction precedes hypertension: Many men believe that erectile dysfunction is caused by hypertension.But it’s not. Erectile dysfunction is early on in anticipation of high blood pressure.Before hypertension, male friends should have experienced a decline in erectile function.But high blood pressure is hidden because of medication.Over time, symptoms of high blood pressure can occur, and you need to be alert when you experience a decrease in erectile function.Loss of erectile function induced by antihypertensive drugs: Most antihypertensive drugs rarely cause loss of erectile function, but some drugs can cause further damage over the long term.Such as hydrochlorothiazide, metoprolol, propranolol, etc., according to experimental studies, it can lead to the decline of NO in the process of use, so that the transmission signal is blocked and the decline of erectile function.Although the occurrence of erectile dysfunction is extremely rare, long-term use of antihypertensive drugs will undoubtedly affect erectile dysfunction.Unstable blood pressure control: Among many cardiovascular diseases, hypertension is one of the indicators of severity.Normal blood pressure is usually 120/80 MMHG, and above 140/90 MMHG, cardiovascular disease is red.Many people think it is ok to hover at the critical value of 140/90mmHg, but they ignore other conditions except hypertension, such as stroke and sudden coronary heart disease.These three points should answer most people’s questions, so when is avanafil a good time to take it?Blood pressure control stable and within normal range: Generally, avanafil may be considered if erectile decline occurs within 3 months of stable blood pressure control.This is mainly due to the synergistic antihypertensive effect of antihypertensive drugs and avanafil in vivo. However, due to the rapid metabolism of avanafil and the short residence time of avanafil, it is not easy to have large fluctuations in blood pressure, resulting in postural hypotension.Antihypertensive drugs and avanafil do not conflict with each other: most antihypertensive drugs currently on the market have different pharmacological effects from avanafil, which do not overlap or cancel each other.And at present, most antihypertensive drugs are long-acting preparations, which can control blood pressure more stably.Avanafil belongs to the fourth generation of erectile dysfunction drugs, its effectiveness and safety is self-evident.Finally, maintaining normal blood pressure makes it easier to embrace life.Life will be colorful if you combine work and rest, don’t you think?@Lao Wu said medicine