Young people keep “Shanghai” | 1700 consultation records, young medical students summed up “Ten common diseases during epidemic prevention and control plan”

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East China Normal University has no medical school of its own, but a medical team composed of 16 medical students jointly trained by the school gathered quickly to support various medical services during the closure period.At the same time, the medical team also summarized “ten common diseases during epidemic prevention and control” based on 1,700 consultation records.These programs apply to everyone in the same gated community.”Hello, doctor, my roommate was scalded by boiled water just beaten, and his feet were also stuck into the broken glass inside the thermos. Now he is in unbearable pain. What should we do?”At 2 am a week ago, Li Jiahui, a doctor on night shift at the Putuo Campus hospital of East China Normal University, received a phone call from students asking for help.Li Jiahui immediately asked the injury, the reason, to inform the simple first aid treatment methods.Zhang Xinyu, an undergraduate from the College of Software Engineering, suffered scalding and puncture wounds on her feet when the base of a thermos bottle suddenly fell off and burst in her dormitory.After hanging up the phone, Li Jiahui worried about the student’s condition, immediately rushed to the student dormitory, while contacting the student’s counselor to issue an emergency medical transfer form, with private cars to send the student to the school hospital, the school hospital for cold compress and disinfection treatment.Li Jiahui calmed the panicked students while looking at the nucleic acid test results presented by the students. After confirming that there was no problem, she quickly contacted the school hospital car and transferred to a designated hospital outside the school.At the doctor’s visit, the doctor said that because the doctor of the school hospital had carried out correct and effective cold compress disinfection treatment on the scald and puncture wounds in the best time, the condition had been controlled, and there was no need to carry out the treatment of the scald wound, only a simple dressing of the wound and applying scald ointment were needed.”In the following days, the doctors on duty in the medical team were also concerned about me.Every day a doctor calls back to check on his progress.Thanks to the ‘angels in white’ on campus, our health has been guaranteed during the epidemic.We are so relieved to have them here!”At present, Zhang xinyu’s wound has basically recovered, and can walk independently.Li Jiahui is a member of the “medical team” of East China Normal University. After the outbreak of the epidemic, a medical team composed of 16 jointly trained medical students gathered quickly to support various medical services during the closure of the campus.The medical team, which was formed temporarily to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, consists of young medical students with professional medical qualifications from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and Fengxian Central Hospital, Wuhu Hospital and Changning Mental Health Center affiliated to East China Normal University.Most of them volunteered to stay in the laboratory for scientific research work. When they heard that the university needed medical volunteers, they volunteered to go to work quickly.In the face of the current outbreak, east China normal university in a timely manner to mobilize medical power and resources, YiJiaoYan linkage, in the life sciences, work closely with the institute of medicine and health, quickly set up “4” online health care service system through various channels, hierarchical classification to provide medical treatment for the teachers and students, consulting and services such as pharmacy, form students go to a doctor to send transfer mechanism,For teachers and students to solve the problem of “seeking medical treatment” during the epidemic prevention and control, to provide peace of mind.In order to strengthen the “medical front line” of campus epidemic prevention and control, the medical team took the initiative to extend the outpatient reception time, provide 24-hour telephone medical consultation and guidance services, set up a medical consultation mailbox, and set up a medical consultation wechat group.Since March 19, the medical team has received more than 1,700 inquiries through platforms such as consultations cover 10 categories of common health problems during the epidemic, including skin diseases, eye diseases, ear diseases, oral diseases, digestive system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and respiratory infections such as pharyngitis, asthma, bronchitis and tonsillitis.In response, the medical team compiled a thoughtful and professional “treatment plan for common diseases during epidemic prevention and control”.In fact, this tip is safe for everyone in the containment area.For depression, anxiety state, for example, a medical team members graduated in 2020 and experience for more than three months old senior the identity of the isolation to share their experience in a bit isolated – “in 2020, I like you, in the face of the fear of the graduation thesis should not be completed, examination of all resident standardization training, looking for a job but can’t go out of the helpless,Girlfriend breakup, etc.My personal experience is that the anxiety and sleeplessness that accompany these stresses are inevitable.Yes, our life has a lot of important node, certificate of distinction, love friends, paper work, a lot of things are hard to give up, but the outbreak comes we can’t change the world, the truth can change is ourselves, return overdo see two years ago I was afraid of things happened one after another, but also in this way, I’m still here, alive and kicking.The only thing we fear is fear itself. Do what you can do, what you can’t change and accept it and move on.Find a little progress every day, give yourself a smile, and today is a great day.”At the same time, it is important to maintain a certain amount of exercise during the quarantine period to ensure adequate endorphin secretion.Studies have shown that exercise can help reduce anxiety and improve learning and memory.Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is also necessary if you want to get a good night’s sleep.Setting a time to sleep each day, staying away from phones and setting aside some time for exercise before going to bed will help us get through these difficult times.If you feel that you need help, we have professional teachers who can provide timely guidance. “If there is time, you can talk and I will listen.”As for the neck, shoulder and neck pain during the quarantine, a large part of the reason is that we use mobile phones and computers for a much longer time during the quarantine than before.To avoid this, it is recommended to put your computer or mobile phone higher, or lower your chair to keep your neck relaxed and natural.At the same time, there should be a time limit. Avoid looking at the computer in one position for a long time. You can also change your hand when holding the mobile phone for a long time.Just like after class, taking breaks every 40-50 minutes can help prevent muscle soreness caused by lactic acid buildup.To appear muscle ache, usable neck draws “rice” word, press ache place, also can use hot towel apply to go up in ache feeling place, alleviate ache effectively.