Shanghai and Sichuan, together with the “epidemic” interpretation of the responsibility of the inspection

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This article was adapted from: Xinmin Evening News in the fight against COVID-19, some people are in the forefront, fighting bravely;Some people silently adhere to, silent pay.And among them, there is a group of prosecutors, they use practical action to interpret the mission of protecting justice.Between January 2021 and March 2021, xiao Wei, 17, bought two mobile phones online at home and returned them for a refund, resulting in a total fraud of 12,500 yuan.After xiaowei was granted bail pending trial, the public security authorities believed that his behavior was suspected of fraud and should be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law, so they transferred the case to Changning District Procuratorate for examination and prosecution in February 2022.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim, and Xiao Wei is in his senior year in meishan, Sichuan province.At such a special moment, changning prosecutors decided to start cross-provincial video arraignment.On March 3, the Changning District Procuratorate successfully connected with the Dongpo District Procuratorate of Meishan city, Sichuan province, with the strong support of the High Security Bureau, the ninth Municipal Procuratorate and the technical department.In the presence of xiaowei’s legal representative, changning prosecutors did not investigate Xiaowei’s interrogation in accordance with the law.On the same day, Xiao Wei paid 12,500 yuan to the victim with the help of his family.On the morning of March 22, Dongpo District Procuratorate accepted the commission of Changning District Procuratorate to confirm Xiaowei’s confession, and recorded and recorded the whole process simultaneously.Changning District Procuratorate believed that Xiao Wei was a minor at the time of the crime and should be given a lighter punishment according to law.Its is the first offense, daily performance is good, by the Internet bad information induced crime, confession and repentance attitude is good, voluntary confession, has returned to compensate for the loss of the victim unit, the crime is lighter, and has surrendered plot, can be exempted from punishment according to law;After help and education during the lawsuit, good performance, will also carry out follow-up help and education, recidivism is not likely;And Xiao Wei is a senior three student, it is planned to make a relatively non-prosecution decision.Recently, changning District Procuratorate held an online hearing, in which the investigation organ, the defendant, his legal representative, the defender and the hearing officer all agreed with the procuratorial organ’s handling opinions.In the afternoon, the court formally decided not to prosecute Xiao Wei, and invited legal aid lawyers and social workers to jointly hold an online announcement of the decision not to prosecute.The public procurator shall read the written decision of not prosecuting the defendant and his legal representative and conduct education on the rule of law.Photo: Online hearing.Xiao Wei’s father, on the other end of the video provided by Jing ‘an District Procuratorate, said: “We will definitely strengthen education in the future to teach him to be a good man, take the right path and become a useful person to society. Thanks to Shanghai Changning Procuratorate.”After the occurrence of the case, Xiao Wei deeply aware of their own problems, a good attitude of repentance, but also to have a new life and learning goals.Xiao Wei’s parents often neglect to discipline their children, and this case also has a certain relationship, prosecutors believe that it is necessary to carry out family education guidance.Therefore, the hospital commissioned a family education instructor from changning District youth social work Station to provide family education guidance to Xiao Wei’s legal representative, and formed a help and education group with social workers and legal representatives to follow xiao Wei remotely for three months.The epidemic can block the two cities, but can not block the prosecutors of the juvenile education rescue, they use the belief of victory and warm action, to minors hold up a sky of hope.