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In winter, the temperature is low, and the outpatient or ward of the cardiovascular medicine department of each hospital is at full capacity.According to statistics, only in the first ten days of January, the 9th hospital cardiology outpatient department received 785 patients with angina pectoris, 19 patients with acute myocardial infarction, and made 12 emergency coronary intervention operations.In this regard, professor Luo Zhurong, director of the department of cardiology of the hospital, said that winter is the peak of angina pectoris attack in patients with coronary heart disease, both patients with coronary heart disease and patients with hypertension, some measures should be taken to reduce the attack of angina pectoris or aggravate myocardial infarction.The Spring Festival is coming, a lot of people stay up late tired, excited, overeating, drinking, cold weather and other factors, more increased the risk of coronary heart disease attack do not let myocardial infarction to “New Year”!Take these doctor’s notes to heart!What is angina pectoris?Coronary heart disease can be divided into acute coronary syndrome and chronic coronary syndrome.Angina can also be divided into stable angina and unstable angina.Strategies for angina symptoms typically show a feeling of pressure, constriction, or suffocation radiating posterior to the sternum (middle and upper sternum) or precardiac area to the left shoulder, inner left arm, ring and little fingers of the left hand, or to the neck, pharynx, or lower jaw.An atypical patient (especially an elderly person with diabetes) may also show toothache, mandible pain, neck and shoulder pain, upper abdomen pain, etc., requiring special attention.Why is angina easy to find in winter?Luo Zuorong said, there are the following reasons: 1. Blood vessel contraction temperature plunge, the body’s peripheral blood vessels will be in a state of contraction, increased blood pressure, myocardial oxygen consumption will also increase, the heart burden increased, induced relative myocardial insufficiency of blood supply.In addition, cold stimulation can also cause coronary artery (blood vessels that supply the heart) spasm, sudden contraction, acute myocardial ischemia anoxia, angina pectoris, and even myocardial infarction.In winter, people (especially the elderly) exercise less outdoors, sweat less and drink less water.At this time, people tend to eat high-fat food, smoke, drink, eat more, consume less, coupled with unhealthy lifestyle, resulting in the imbalance of energy intake and metabolism, increased blood viscosity, easy to cause angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.3. Changes in neurohumoral regulation when cold stimulation, the sympathetic nerve of the human body is in a hyperactive state, adrenalin in the blood (a very strong vasoconstrictor substance) and other components are significantly increased, and platelets are relatively more active.Under the combined action of these factors, the plaque in the human coronary artery is easy to produce or become unstable, and even rupture, hemorrhage in the plaque, and thrombosis is easier to form.How to stop this uninvited guest?The Spring Festival is coming soon, during the Spring Festival is also the high incidence of angina and myocardial infarction, Luo Zhugrong reminds us — 1, Pay attention to cold keep warm for coronary heart disease people add clothes in time.It is best to wear a mask when going out to avoid walking against the wind.Strategies for ventilation Try not to let the wind run directly to the CHD patient. Open the window for ventilation at noon or go out for air.Follow daily exercise Encourage everyone to do proper exercise.Avoid the coldest part of the day by exercising indoors or going outside in the afternoon when the temperature is right.Show your habits Many old people have the habit of exercising for the morning or even swimming for the winter which is a unhealthy choice for the heart!Exercise should pay attention to the amount of exercise and their own body and heart tolerance to match, in order not to cause angina as a degree.Follow your Strategies for exercise with your first aid medicine and hydrate appropriately after exercise.If you feel uncomfortable during exercise, you should stop activities immediately and rest on the spot. Experienced people can take some drugs to relieve angina pectoris (such as Jiuxin pill and Baoxin pill, but it should be noted that ordinary people without medical experience should not take nitroglycerin without permission).If the symptoms do not relieve, dial 120 immediately.3. Pay attention to diet rationally For patients with hypertension or coronary heart disease should not eat high calorie, high fat food and try to have a balanced diet.Eat more vegetables, fruits, coarse grains and so on.Take appropriate water daily to dilute the blood and relieve your bowels.Because constipation is also a very dangerous thing.Strategies for defecation Many patients with CORONARY heart disease aggravate their illness or even sudden death due to constipation.A hero is stumped by a farthing, but a lump of hard excrement will suffocate a hero.It’s true!Follow a Good mental Attitude and Sleep Strategies not only for patients with coronary heart disease or hypertension, actually anyone should follow a good mental attitude and sleep.Winter night temperature is lower, sympathetic and vagus nerves in the body are easy to disorder, many cardiovascular events occur in this time period.Get up early/get up for the night/defecate not too quickly/too quickly.After getting up, should lie flat on the bed for one or two minutes, sit up on the bed for a minute or so, stand up on the bed for half a minute or so, and walk again.5, scientific medical treatment, do not shy away from medical treatment there are some patients because of delaying the best rescue time, lost their lives or caused serious complications.Seek medical attention as soon as possible after any cardiac discomfort occurs.Finally, the most important thing: any patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, including hypertension, coronary heart disease and other patients, must not stop medicine or reduce medicine at will!Do not easily believe that sales personnel so-called health care strange medicine, also do not easily believe that the vegetable market spread cure prescription!So far, there are no drugs or devices that can completely cure cardiovascular disease.Don’t be anxious disease, disease stable also don’t stop medicine!Forwarding remind family cold, don’t let “chill” in peace “heart” year!Source: Fujian Health News all media reporter: Chen Kun Correspondent: Chen Meixian, Lin Juan editor: Bing Kuo fall statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: