Our first tribute after the holiday is dedicated to those who guard the lights of thousands of families and keep them open during the Spring Festival

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In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday passed quickly.To accept the resignation of the old year, the New Year’s holiday always let a person aftertaste long.In this holiday, some people experience the joy of reunion and others enjoy the joy of rest. For the medical staff, it is the most beautiful way for them to bid farewell to the old and usher in the New Year in their persistent struggle.The first tribute after the holiday, to guard the lights of the family Spring Festival “not closed” them!Emergency people relay for life on January 31, New Year’s Eve.Zheng Xiaohui, director of the emergency department of fuwaihua Central Vascular Hospital, received a call for help from Xinmi grass-roots hospital. A 70-year-old patient had acute myocardial infarction and acute occlusion of the right crown, and the situation was very critical.Responding to the call, the medical staff of the emergency department immediately went out to transfer the patient to the hospital, and the green channel had been opened.On the operating table, the experts operated accurately and carried out the emergency cardiac interventional surgery for the patient, dredging the occluded blood vessels, and the operation was very successful.At 2 o ‘clock in the morning on the third day of the lunar New Year, the urgent emergency call broke the silence of the night.A 60-year-old male patient had persistent upper abdominal pain that could not be relieved.According to the family members’ description, the patient had a history of drinking, was weak and accompanied by nausea. At first glance, it seemed to be just a gastrointestinal disease caused by drinking, but Liang Bingwei, the attending physician of the emergency medicine department of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, vaguely felt something was wrong.Out of professional sensitivity, he and feng Xinke, the nurse on duty, immediately did an ELECTROcardiogram for the patient.The result unexpectedly showed: acute myocardial infarction!The patient’s heart rate is as low as 33 beats per minute, and cardiac arrest can occur at any time!Emergency myocardial infarction green channel immediately activated!At 2:30am, the patient was sent to the emergency room to make thorough preparations for interventional therapy.At 3 a.m., Chu Yingjie, chief physician of the department of cardiology, and Song Huihui, attending physician successfully implanted the stent for the patient.At 5:10 a.m., the surgery was over.From New Year’s Eve to the third night of the third day, dozens of carbon monoxide poisoning patients were admitted to the emergency medical department of Xinyang People’s Hospital in just four days!Medical staff of emergency department, hyperbaric oxygen room, critical care department and neurology department are on standby 24 hours a day to open a lifesaving green channel for poisoned patients and go all out to treat them.What about those critically ill patients who cannot go home because of their illness?In the intensive care unit of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, medical staff have prepared the warmest answers for patients.On the eve of New Year’s Eve, the medical staff in ICU 5 gave each patient “red envelopes of blessing” and dumplings symbolizing reunion. With the help of tablet computers, patients who could not get up could watch the Spring Festival Gala.The children’s intensive care Unit of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital has prepared many story books and picture books for children on weekdays.As the Chinese New Year is coming, colleagues of the department have prepared red envelopes and gifts for the children, and they will also eat dumplings together.Pan Henan is the director of critical care medicine in Xinyang People’s Hospital. His home is away from home, but he sticks to his post every Spring Festival, and this year is no exception.As severe patients may come to emergency rescue at any time, he said that he could not rest assured that every patient here, let the patients get better as soon as possible, as early family reunion is more meaningful than home for the Spring Festival.Since the New Year’s Eve, the number of patients has increased, and the department is running at full capacity. Colleagues in the department are sticking to it just like him.Liu E e e is a young nurse in Kori, just engaged before the Spring Festival, regardless of the new daughter-in-law worship the traditional etiquette of the New Year, without hesitation to take the initiative to work overtime;Acting head nurse Huang Manling worked day and night shifts continuously, even if she just got home from work for 10 hours, an emergency call, and quickly returned to the post.In order to protect patients during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, the medical staff of the Coronary heart Disease Care Unit (CCU), cardiac care unit and comprehensive intensive care Unit (ICU) of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanyang Medical College fought hard.The icu received 41 critically ill patients successively, including 27 cases of intracardiac interventional surgery, 7 cases of aortic dissection, 2 cases of ECMO, and 3 cases of critically ill patients supported by IABP……They give up their small homes for everyone, and work together to protect the lives and health of the people with the most insidious adherence and true to their original aspiration.Thank you dear medical workers!To the lovely angel in white!It is a tradition for families to get together in isolation wards to welcome the New Year.But there is one group of people who are not being reunited with their families in the fight against the virus — people who have been quarantined because of containment requirements.And, of course, those who serve at quarantine sites and on the front lines of the fight against the disease.In zhengzhou No. 1 People’s Hospital, in order to make the patients in the ward feel the joy of the New Year, Ge Yunli, head nurse of the infected ward 1, tried every means to arrange people to purchase a large number of window cuts, Spring Festival ornaments and New Year dolls to decorate the ward with everyone and create the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.The medical staff also sent the gift to the patient’s hands one by one, to send New Year’s greetings to everyone.After receiving the gift, the patient, Ms. Jiang, pasted the paper-cut on the glass of the ward with her own hands, “I am at peace in my hometown, with the soldiers in white, I don’t worry about anything!”During the Spring Festival, coinciding with the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, Nurse Liu Youming kept up with current events and drew the lovely Bing Dwen dwen on the protective clothing.I hope that the sportsmanship spirit of being optimistic and enterprising can inspire everyone in the ward!As of 8 PM on January 31, zhoukou City dancheng county, chengdong quarantine point, west quarantine point two centralized medical isolation observation points, a total of 126 quarantined people.”On Lunar New Year’s Eve and the first two days of the lunar New Year, the quarantined people are most anxious.We are all working together to overcome the epidemic at an early date.”Dancheng County Party Committee and county government attach great importance to the management of quarantined people during the Spring Festival, and county leaders have visited the frontline for many times and conducted research and guidance.County WeiJianWei and isolation of some medical personnel to provide isolation of psychological counseling work, at the same time, a special working group set up the Spring Festival ambience, and according to isolate researchers intend to isolated points in the Spring Festival atmosphere build planning project meeting, determine the isolation six points in the Spring Festival activity plan, goal is to build a peaceful and happy isolation environment,Let the centralized isolation point isolation virus is not separated from love, but not separated from warmth.It is a traditional custom to eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve.On the same day, New Year’s eve to patients and their families, medical staff on duty to send dumplings, has been the traditional zhumadian city center hospital, on January 31, New Year’s eve, the hospital hospital leadership respectively led to hospital center on campus, especially on campus, visit sympathy hospitalized patients, stick to on-the-job medical personnel, and steaming dumplings sent to them,We send them festival greetings and New Year’s greetings, so that everyone can feel the warmth and blessing of the hospital family.”In hospital patients’ tea party” — this is the traditional program of the ward of the Fifth People’s Hospital in Luoyang city.Every Chinese New Year, to ease the misses in hospital patients, the medical year began to spend, the more you each manager shi, wisdom, some busy ribbons with red lanterns, some busy stick couplets and New Year pictures, some busy stick grilles, some busy design another ring, fingers dance of rich and colorful activities such as solution…Each ward prepared a variety of festive gifts for the patients, the ward is permeated with warm and festive thick flavor of the New Year.On New Year’s Day, the second People’s Hospital of Jiaozuo city, the medical staff of many departments sent New Year’s greetings to patients in the hospital, including trauma microscopic orthopedics, nursing staff paid New Year’s greetings to patients left behind in the department at 8 o ‘clock on time, and also sent the Year of the Tiger bag, reflecting the love for patients from the details.Although the location of nucleic acid collection personnel is different, but the implementation of nucleic acid collection task they have the same dedication and dedication!In order to ensure the nucleic acid collection task, nucleic acid collection personnel stick to the front line of nucleic acid collection, silently dedication at work, give up home reunion, love, accompany their children, with actions to interpret the responsibility and responsibility, protect the life and health of the people.During the Spring Festival, the nucleic acid collection amount of Puyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital reached nearly 10,000 person-times;The nucleic acid collection site staff of jiaozuo Second People’s Hospital went to work normally, collecting nucleic acid 12,747 person-times……On the eve of the New Year’s Eve, a 34-year-old Mr. Gao was transferred to the urology department of the Calculi Department of Puyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine because of unbearable pain in the right upper abdomen. Dong Xiuhuan, the director of the department, organized a consultation of the department personnel and formulated a detailed plan, which quickly relieved the patient’s pain.On the morning of the first day of the lunar New Year, Dong Xiuhuan made ward rounds in the department, adjusted the plan, and then went to the clinic to keep on duty.During the festival, the outpatient department of jiaozuo Second People’s Hospital all guide doctors to give up vacation, for patients to do order maintenance, general medical staff to give up vacation to work normally and the hospital EICU, radiotherapy department, intervention center, blood purification room, etc..During the Spring Festival holiday this year, the trauma Center of Kaifeng People’s Hospital treated more patients than in previous years, and the workload of the rescue teams increased significantly. In addition, under the epidemic situation, the task of treating patients in independent wards was arduous, but everyone did their best to overcome difficulties, even though they were busy during the day until 12 PM to have a meal, they did not complain.On February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, the emergency car of Ruyang County People’s Hospital made 18 trips and received more than 60 patients.The international Stomatological Center of Henan Provincial Workers’ Hospital always sticks to the line of “doctor” during holidays to protect everyone’s oral health.In addition to picking up patients from other places, they also extend their warm services outside the hospital, such as the head nurse of the Seventh Department of Orthopedics in Puyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to send the 2022 Spring Festival couplets to the discharged patients’ homes and send them best wishes for the New Year.Red volunteer workers sayin nucleic acid to protect citizens can efficient rapid acquisition, henan made the third people’s hospital volunteer to give up the holiday break, New Year’s day there for seven days, in the cold outdoor environment, stick to jobs, services, although not angels, they deserved have an angel beautiful soul.At the exit of Xinyang Railway Station, the Xinyang People’s Hospital set up a convenient sampling site for the convenience of passengers. Volunteers wearing red vests and protective masks kept on for six hours.They are busy, guide, explain, they have their own change, for the elderly people who can not scan the code to pay to provide help…Their faces could not be seen through fog-filled masks, but they were the most beautiful people in the city.It is these lovely “Chinese red”, give up the small family for everyone, silently pay, protect people’s health and safety, just have the Spring Festival peace and tranquility of thousands of families.We are so proud of you for your volunteer service during the Spring Festival.Hu Xiaojun, XING Yongtian, XIAO Jingjing, Huang Jingwen, Li Mujia, Wu Qiong, Ding Linguo, Min Jie, Gao Fangyuan, Zhang Qingpu, Zhao Py/Wen Xiaohuan Responsible editor: Yang Hua