On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the men’s football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, and the fans bluntly disbanded the men’s football team

2022-08-02 0 By

On the first day of the New Year, The Chinese men’s national football team disappointed the fans again, and it proved that it was not just a matter of changing the coach. On such a special day, the Chinese men’s national football team suffered a record loss to an opponent it had never lost before, and it was an unexpected way to lose.The last meeting between the two sides was not long ago, when China’s head coach was Li Tie. China had never lost a match against Vietnam and its international ranking was much higher.The Chinese men’s national football team, which had never thought of spending too much time and thought on teams of the same level as Vietnam and the Philippines, now had to rely on such teams to have a hope of winning, and even worse, the Vietnamese men’s national football team could not win, setting a record of losing for the first time.More annoyed in Chinese football has been opening nine minutes header, then in the 17th minute or so again by Vietnam team scored a goal, to know this time stayed beside the TV set, many fans want to win in the first day of the New Year experience of feeling, but met this situation, the mood of the fans is instantly fall from heaven to hell,This team has been disappointed to disappointment, just like the mouth fan Zhiyi said that, again will lose to Vietnam and Thailand, really do not even face.Two goals in the first half of the Chinese football will all hopes of kickback, in the second half compared to the Chinese soccer impatience, Vietnam men have home-court advantage has systematic instead, firmly grasp the situation on the pitch, the play in the end, the performance of Chinese football is more and more irritable, seize the opportunity to score a goal again, Vietnam football score directly into a 3-0,The door frame of Chinese men’s football team is as wide as the sea, completely locking the victory of this match, unless a miracle happens, Chinese men’s football team basically has no hope to reverse the success.Thought can men from Vietnam this soft persimmon body gain a victory, the result is the shame of the Chinese football cloth violently pulled down in front of everyone, hundreds of millions of investment changes is such a result, the anger of the fans was lit thoroughly, many people also have straight to dissolve quickly, Chinese football all the energy into youth system and the Chinese women’s team,This is the men’s football team that shouted to win, and lost in this almost humiliating fashion.