Is YARiS+L+ gorgeous?What about Wych and Whorch?

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Is YARiS L gorgeous?What about Wych and Whorch?I’m finally looking forward to seeing you.I’m so happy.I have been waiting for you for a long time, first of all, thank you for your advice, and wish jiang Dong father promotion and wealth, live and live, no more gossip, the next main analysis of these things:Dear motorists are know, small cars not only has good comfort, wide scope of use such outstanding advantages, and used to commute transfers are relatively close, is a “compact” can not break through the main advantage of, so they have gained themselves the trust of most of the bosses, next to the monarchy and small brothers share three good open durable model sell like hot cakes,There will also be a lot of skills, we do not “go treasure” yo!Introduction to sales Analysis: Under the leadership of GAC Toyota brand, YARiS L Has undoubtedly achieved brilliant sales performance since its launch in the market, and the final price of YARiS L is quite attractive, so it has won the support and popularity of many old folks.After the following inquiry, YARiS L Zhishuan’s sales performance in the past month can be regarded as a miracle, which successfully jumped to 8,020 units, and won the excellent result of the 5th place of small car once again. It can be seen that YARiS L Zhishuan’s progress is particularly considerable, and it is the most dazzling star.It is better than many small car models in the market.To be honest, there are a few things wrong with YARiS L, but the internal performance of YARiS L is still outstanding.The reason is probably that YARiS L’s dazzling strength is recognized by all of you, and no matter the appearance level or interior configuration, YARiS L beats most mainstream small cars.I think many friends have this feeling: YARiS L’s dazzling competitiveness is particularly sharp, and it is estimated that it will soon be invincible in such a domestic market full of experts.YARiS L’s dazzling overall shape is particularly magnificent, the car paint is of excellent workmanship, and the well-proportioned waist line is extremely smooth, which highly matches the personalized needs of the following., the collocation of car enough eyes, more angular waist line are internally fold, like sewing needle, the contour is more clear and stereoscopic, smooth level ballooned in appearance, but also have eyes of LED intelligent car headlamp unit, lines and internal decoration are quite close, especially can meet the demand of the friends of the visual.Size analysis: The driving space and trunk space of YARiS L are really considerable, which makes more and more young people feel pleased. Compared with other small cars with similar prices, YARiS L is also more abundant. In addition, the whole utilization area of YARiS L is undoubtedly super down-to-earth, which is enough for carrying some daily luggage.The size of YARiS L is 4160 mm *1720 mm *1520 mm, even if the rear seat is three mm, it is still no problem.Therefore, YARiS L dazzle can easily match the needs of daily home.At the same time, the YARiS L’s amazing trunk Angle is definitely good, so you’ll be able to fit lots of condoms and gadgets into it.Practicality is particularly good, is undoubtedly the kind of small editor’s favorite.In terms of power performance, YARiS L’s dazzling power output is very impressive. It can release an extraordinary power of 112 horsepower, which is combined with the mainstream CVT stepless (analog 8-gear) transmission device to become an outstanding shift assembly. Many friends believe that YARiS L dazzling has an iron power output.And its engine is made of high-grade aluminum alloy material, so it can play a good pressure advantage.As for displacement, the output of YARiS L dazzle can be said to be quite good. According to multiple inquiries, the 1.5L YARiS L dazzle is quite reliable.The owner said that as Volkswagen knows, YARiS L dazzle is the most magnificent in the range of small cars around 10W with the help of GAC Toyota.The high appearance level can be said to be one of the competitiveness of YARiS L’s dazzle. The front face is very domineering and fashionable, which makes people’s eyes shine.On the other hand, the interior space is undoubtedly another advantage of YARiS L’s dazzle. When you sit on the seat, you will not feel crowded at all. Moreover, YARiS L’s dazzle control feeling is also very good, worthy of gaC Toyota’s carefully polished high-quality production.Ms. CAI, the owner of YARiS L, said:YARiS L to dazzle the overall fuel consumption performance, probably because in guangzhou Toyota factory why oil control precision is improved, in terms of the present stage, the ageing YARiS L should mean less to dazzle radical, sometimes making it from time to time to run somewhere else, is worth us a good praise, looking at such a chunk of a car,Fuel consumption is relatively low, normally its fuel consumption is about 8.7L/ 100km, generally speaking, it is ok.In the field of small cars can also be regarded as the highest level of appearance.Therefore, I am quite pleased, and my children all unanimously praised YARiS L for its dazzling fuel performance, which is really great. However, it is estimated that fuel consumption will be relatively high if driving in the Gobi with rare human trails frequently.For the next young students, just scrape together a few membership fees, about enough to pay for ten or eight days of gas money.So now you don’t have to think too much about the gas bill when you drive it.Even though the adjustment time is not very long, it does not matter. As long as the running-in period is over, the fuel consumption of YARiS L will definitely decrease again.Industry evaluation: small make up feel YARiS L to dazzle the suspension point seems to have a superior diu diu, although the body of the tilt is lesser, but into the rugged road, will lose a certain comfortable feeling, if the elderly passengers, then sit in it are more likely to feel to stock “p” is a bit uncomfortable.In addition, the dazzling chassis wind noise of YARiS L is quite troublesome, especially when entering the area with potholes and steep slopes. In addition, during the acceleration process, the vehicle was found to have low power, so I went to the 4S shop, but finally I didn’t know where the problem was.In addition, the exhaust problem of 1.YARiS L’s dazzling interior is particularly serious.Sometimes, YARiS L’s dazzling Bluetooth system fails to connect.3. The sight effect of the close light may be quite fuzzy when it is raining heavily.Vios overall a beautiful face, before there were compared with the previous generation of vios basic why don’t you agree, like in the owl’s head, the first model is very concise, looks pretty domineering, and vios narrow door handle position skillfully blended in a shiny chrome decorative top face the appearance of the led headlight optimization quite eyes,It can be said that Weichi can harvest a lot of popularity when going out.And the car side is a double waist line style, and there are skinny line phase, the line of the roof has been sliding from the B pillar, such as flowing through the car tail area, giving the outside world a very noble and stable feeling.And the Vios paint is very thin and very durable.100,000 likes would be an exaggeration.Wei chi’s tail looks particularly powerful, and the two rear taillights are very shining, look up more powerful, therefore, a lot of car friends think the appearance of wei Chi is very close to the young lady sisters.My ex-boyfriend originally bought this Vios because he was looking for a nice style.Old driver Zhao eldest brother said: I often go to the line terminal store to play a few times, now I feel the new vios sound insulation effect is very reliable, open very quiet, even if the weight is so heavy, but also so long, but the control is very beautiful.The third model huan Chi 64,900 ~ 68,900 appearance: Huan Chi is not arrogant, very simple and honest, its front face of the net design and both sides of the LED headlights perfect combination, while the overall horizontal high-end sense has been widened a lot!In addition, the design of the headlamp before huan chi facial ministry appears quite swagger, the chassis of whole is lower, still calculate solid, I see cummer to open it also is very smooth.The lines of the side part match the flowing body, which is quite eye-catching. In addition, the LED taillight is also very crystal clear after being lit.Strewn at random, in general huan Chi or quite tangible have a paragraph, more touching.It’s younger and better than the old Huan Chi.Interior comments on huan Chi’s interior style is very gratified, full of materials, assembly process is very good, easy to control, at the same time, the rotation button and air conditioning keys have a damping feeling beyond imagination, this is the next huan Chi’s relevant evaluation.On the other hand, the steering wheel is not very heavy, the shape is very eye-catching, and the throttle brake sensitivity is quite good, so that the steering and turning smoother.Commendable is, huan Chi front and back of the seat Angle and surface fabrics are quite comfortable, support is also very strong, but also the use of soft materials paved, many friends think huan Chi chair is more comfortable.After all, small cars are worth buying for comfort, and Hwan chi has not detected any odor problems.Meanwhile, the noise inside the car is almost imperceptible.So the author is very satisfied.The explosive power of the power situation is quite in place, as comfortable as the overnight milk tea, there is no lack of afterpower in the acceleration process.The moment you step on the gas pedal, you can feel the power of the car.Driving was a pleasure.Noise reduction performance is also quite good, daily without in-depth observation, the “roar” sound of the equipment is almost impossible to feel, comfort is also very high.It is worth mentioning that, because the original power is more eye-catching, and the author’s daily mainly attendance, so there is no need to improve its power details too much.He dajie, the owner of huan Chi, commented: the appearance style is also quite matching my aesthetic feelings, close to 5m long car length, the headlights look very tall, brightness is quite good.And huan Chi in the net using smoked black processing, the surface is inset with sparkling chrome elements, and the rules of the headlights constitute an integrated modeling, looking very fashionable and personality, huan Chi aluminum wheel can be said to be leading young and fashionable signs.The size is also more harmonious, the style is in place.It looks very powerful.The side looks at very move feeling, bumper is very safe, for typical fruity modelling, there is a kind of faint domineering atmosphere inclined dish.Huan Chi runs very quietly!It’s a big screen, and it’s easy to navigate.In a word, huan chi’s price is after all quite real, the high huan Chi with less than 60 thousand yuan can clinch a deal, since had huan chi after small make up occasionally can go out for a ride.Juyou review 2: next is no problem of rich second generation, so is a good face, the mainstream of small cars is my eyes look, since we bought the Kim chi, however, each leading lady, small fart child feel te face out, touch the steering feel particularly comfortable, at the same time science and technology are also very tall, my kids always ask me what is Kim chi outside?I told you Whunky was your father’s horse.Juyou review 3: satisfaction, next to Kim chi evaluation is absolutely satisfied, not only brand strength, but also good, open since I was young, I very like cars, finally have a belongs to own when I grew up Kim chi, this horse is comfortable, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, at the same time, fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.Comment 4: Hwanchi is so powerful that it looks like an electric car. This time, we introduce YARiS L, Vios and Hwanchi. In addition, generally speaking, there is a big gap between the manufacturer’s guide price and the land price of the same model.For example, the lowest land prices of YARiS L, Vios and Huanchi in China are as low as 72,800, 75,800 and 54,900.We’re back to the end of this article, and I’m sure you’ve found your favorite small car.I would like to thank you for your reading and wish you all the best.If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.Is YARiS L gorgeous?What about Wych and Whorch?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Wangwang review car