Amnesia old winter lost Chang De gan Group warm heart help

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Rednet moment Changde On February 10 (correspondent Hu Lixin) “Hello, is it gaoshan Street community?There is an old man who can’t find his way home. It may be a resident nearby. Come and have a look.”At 3pm on February 9th, the owner of tianxiang Tea shop in Gaoshan Street, Fuping Street, Wuling District received a phone call from the owner of the shop. He said that an old man with indifferent and silent expression had been wandering around the shop for a long time. He went to inquire and found out that the old man had got lost due to memory loss.Community workers Qiu Bo, Hu Lixin received the call, immediately rushed to the young South Road, to the scene found that the old man did not have any documents, do not know their family names, do not know where they live.Community staff found a phone number on the old man’s bracelet during the inquiry, so they immediately dialed the number and finally contacted the old man’s family.At 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the old man’s grandson saw the old man’s moment, excitedly thanked the community staff repeatedly: “Thank you, my grandmother has a little senile dementia, has lost several times, every time the whole family sent out to look for her.If it weren’t for you, she’d be out there suffering.”Facing the lost old man’s grandson’s repeated thanks.Community cadres said that caring for residents is the responsibility of the community, to help the elderly home is just a lift in the hand, and told him to strengthen the care of the elderly, try not to let the elderly alone out, so as to avoid accidents.