400 million marketing expenses brought the annual sales of more than 6000 vehicles, baiC Fox how miserable

2022-08-02 0 By

Car store do not know if we do not write this content how many people will know the existence of beiqi Pole Fox, beiqi pole Fox was established not early but not too late, but no matter earlier or later than him many have made achievements, and Beiqi pole fox is still hovering on the edge of survival.Our consumers may think that Beiqi Jihu is not known because of less publicity. In fact, last year, Beiqi Jihu’s marketing cost was as high as 400 million yuan, but it only sold more than 6000 cars, and the marketing cost of bikes was nearly 67,000 yuan.Such a large amount of publicity has brought but minimal sales, beiqi Fox really a bit miserable ah.Look at the sales volume of Xiaopeng and NIO last year, and then look at the sales volume of Nezha and Weimar brands. Don’t BAIC Jihu, which spent 400 million yuan, feel sorry for the poor sales volume and the marketing cost of several hundred million yuan?This year, Beiqi Extreme Fox will also set the sales target of 40,000 vehicles, car stores do not know where beiqi Extreme Fox confidence, of course, a high target is good, but if it is not enough high target that is conceited performance.Why does BAIC Think it can sell 40,000 cars?Beiqi Pole Fox is that their own products have been promoted this year?Or do you think you have enough orders to deliver?Or do you feel like you have more marketing money to spend this year?