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“Last night, the annual pigeon king punishment station conference 100 UP the main ceremony, as promised.Although there was no audience due to the epidemic, netizens who watched the live broadcast were filled with enthusiasm.As more and more people join the team of UP master, UP master has become a new profession recognized by everyone.This year, we selected the new top 100 masters from three dimensions of “professionalism, influence and innovation”.Under this standard, many old friends are once again listed in the top 100.Although hurricane is no stranger to the top 100 podium, he still wandered around for a long time to find his own trophy.Meanwhile, many new top 100 masters have been selected for their outstanding performances in 2021.Strong rabbit, justice of the chicken brother, humorous lion……These slightly spooky animal characters remind everyone of UP.And many friends know for the first time behind these characters, the animator handsome appearance.Aside from the high-profile 100 winners, there were a number of memorable moments at this year’s awards show.CCTV reporter Wang Bingbing, for example, won the New Artist of the Year award.In 2021, 10.15 million people sent their first original manuscript at B Station. These fresh blood are also the driving force of continuous innovation at B Station.Wang’s first video was of chagan Lake, introducing the local specialty of bighead fish to netizens.Just 10 hours after the video was posted, Wang’s number of fans surpassed 1 million, and netizens began to gather around her.In 2021, she recorded her life and work on B station, leaving sweet smiles and kind content, and her number of followers also exceeded 5 million.As a CCTV reporter, Bingbing did not forget to thank CCTV, nor did she forget to thank her fans.”I’m a rookie UP with five million followers.Five million is not a number. It’s not the end. It’s not the point.Grace does not break cordial thanks, the temperament of the national team take hold of the dead.And the winner of the annual popularity award is our old friend UP @Hua Shaobei丶.After six years of working as an UP master, he gradually evolved into an energetic “flower speaker” from an introverted person.Today, his studio has become a warm harbor for fans to dock in every day.In B station, UP holders can not only create independently and give full play to their own skills, but also find partners who are in tune with each other and send them out in the form of joint contributions.This year’s joint creation is a video jointly submitted by GOUBA, the host of UP, and Zhu Mingjun, the psychological consultant of UP.In the video, subtitle Jun, who is good at desktop transformation, spent two months to build the world’s first barrier-free esports nursing bed for teacher Zhu, who has limited mobility.At first glance, the partnership appears to be a simple matter of supply and demand.In fact, behind this groundbreaking research and development is the selfless dedication of many professionals, which also brings more people’s attention to people with disabilities.It’s harder to make an original video than it is to make a single video.It not only needs UP owners to have certain comprehensive strength, but also needs to maintain stable output.The original program of the year is “Once Upon a Time in the Square” by Xiaoce, the director of UP, which has received more than 60 million views in STATION B.”Once upon a Square” is about the life of a group of grandfathers and grandmothers in rural Shandong, but it can let people see the intrigues of gang films and the late blood of gun-fighting films.In 2019, Xiaoce sat on the assistant seat, only a dozen meters away from the stage.He looked at the stars on the stage, and suddenly a strong idea came to him: I want to be on this stage, too.Small policy of B station dynamic experienced confusion and trough, small policy finally walked on the stage of 100 big raised the “golden statue” of B station.However, heard that small policy to win the award, led by Liu Goose the leading actors can not sit.Not only the scene questioned the small policy “why did not tell me”, but also let the stage to accept the award second change square, jumped “Happy New Year”.In addition to the high-quality video column, there are several videos every year, with a full range of excellent quality, harvest the attention of the whole network.As a result, competition for the best work of the year is fierce.In March last year, more than 500 precious cultural relics were unearthed in sanxingdui sacrificial pit, among which the fragment of a gold mask attracted the most attention.The sanxingdui gold mask and gold stick were reproduced with gold, which made countless young people deeply appreciate the charm of traditional culture.Tang Shifen, party secretary of the Shanghai Museum, presented the award to CAI.Tang was so impressed by his video that he invited him to the museum to give lectures and communicate with the audience.Bullet screen has always been the feature of B station, as well as the emotional connection hub between users, UP owners and works.The annual popularity award will also be awarded to the UP host with the most number of bullets and the best atmosphere.The winner of the popularity of danmu in 2021 is UP zhuang@Xiaoyao Sanren.Although the winner of the annual Danmu popularity award, sanren attracted the most attention due to a video that went viral last year.Station B specially invited Shen Yifei, a professor from the Sociology department of Fudan University, to present prizes to Sanren.Shen teacher had opened love related courses, she gave scattered people on the scene to help him overcome social fear, take the first step in love.In addition to the awards mentioned above, there were also many new UP masters who were recognized by the netizens because of their contributions or performances.For example, the winner of overseas UP of the Year is @Maytree, an A Cappella band from South Korea.Although the performance is not accompanied by instrumental music and the language is different, because music itself is a global language, every time the BGM of classic film and animation plays, it makes people feel intimate.@Garan, who won the title of Virtual UP of the Year, is A member of the virtual idol group A-Soul.In just one year, with her excellent singing and dancing ability and warm personality, she made everyone feel her authenticity and loveliness, and quickly won millions of fans.Xiaoding (@Rural Teacher Diary), who won the annual Social Contribution award, is a math teacher in Fuyang, Anhui Province. She is also the leader of the “Gentle District” certified by millions of fans.Through her perspective, the realistic problems in rural education get further attention.Due to the epidemic, many UP leaders were unable to attend the ceremony.But everyone who didn’t show up recorded what they wanted to say on video.Wang Pinxian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, dared to dive into the depths of 1400 meters at the age of 82 and became a master of station B at the age of 85.A scientist should not just be in the ivory tower, talking to himself. He should be part of the group.Every time Luo Xiang teacher’s speech, net friends will write “full text recitation” in the bullet screen.This time, he asked everyone to take a normal view of the regret of not being able to be here: many important moments in life often come unexpectedly.Let us all be able to be grateful for the heart of every play today, beyond our limited life.In the 100 big scene, there is a continuous burst of memes, but also touched the heart of the tender moment.It was more like a massive family gathering than a gala.The top 100 UP masters selection is not only to reward these UP masters on the stage, but also to encourage thousands of UP masters off the stage.In the New Year, we are looking forward to more UP hosts joining us to accompany and warm each other.The authors | Suzy edit operation | | context