Wanting to be ‘androgynous’, this group of men cut off their private parts with knives

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Late last year the Metropolitan Police raided a cult hideout in a flat near a park in north London.But this “cult” is not like the cult people often hear about.Police found that members of the group were particularly interested in genital mutilation, and that most of them had already performed the procedure themselves…The incident was first discovered after a video was posted on an adult website.Police were on an Internet crime hunt when they discovered a programme about “real human castration scenes” on pay-per-view UK adult websites.In response to requests from pay-per-view viewers, the channel’s streamers say they are willing to cut “any part” of their private body that viewers want to see, with options including tints, nipples and more.Far from being low-key, the channel also advertised its studio on Twitter, asking viewers to pay to watch “true castration”.The police wondered if the group might be connected to the Nullos subculture seen elsewhere in the world.Nullos, which stands for “genitalia do not work,” has seen cases of men cutting off their own genitals reported since the turn of the century in several regions, including countries in the United States and South America.This group has 10,000 to 15,000 followers around the world, and these people are doing this extreme behavior to themselves, which makes people feel very incomprehensible.The fear among British police is that the discovery could lead to the first discovery of a Nullos cult in the UK, which has not been seen in the UK for decades.When they arrived, they found seven Nullos members, all male, ranging in age from their 30s to their 60s, led by a 44-year-old Norwegian man who called himself “The Eunuch Maker.When questioned by police, the ringleader had removed his private parts through DIY surgery…In order to find out more about this organization and whether there are any branches of cooperation and accomplices, the police confiscated their computers and other live broadcast tools for research on suspicion of conspiring to cause serious bodily harm.Those arrested were released on bail and quickly returned to the outside world.Heard this together “evil” strange, now the local residents near a little faint worry, their community how this will castrate their own eccentric, and there is no bigger cult behind this, worried about the community of minors bring bad influence…At the same time, why this group of people want to castrate themselves, has become the most incomprehensible point.But police believe the growing popularity of the Nullos subculture around the world may have been linked to a crucial turning point in 2012.In 2012, there was a “strange and disgusting” news in Japan.A 22-year-old artist named Sugiyama performed performance art in front of dozens of guests.As he gathered with more than 70 people in the reception room of an upscale apartment in Tokyo’s Western district, the artist, fully dressed as a professional chef, was working on a table elaborately cooking dishes from a pot in front of him.All the guests sat at the sumptuous tables in the main hall, waiting for his work — the POTS and makeshift cooking utensils in front of the artist seemed too amateurish for the 70 mouths.So what’s in the pot that everyone wants a piece of?And the answer is sugiyama’s own tintin and kit…Two months ago, Sugiyama castrated himself at home and froze the severed body parts.”I am offering my male genitalia (complete penis, testicles, scrotum) as the main course of a meal for 100,000 yen (£800).I am Japanese.””My organs were surgically removed when I was 22.I tested positive for STDS.The organs are functioning normally.”He wanted to auction off his tintin for dinner.As you can imagine, many people were shocked and intrigued.Seventy people actually signed up for the tinky Winky meal!In fact, the artist considered eating it himself, but later changed his mind and decided the ‘good thing’ should be shared.Each person paid a £160 admission fee and signed a ‘disclaimer’ to take part in the performance art experience and eat the body parts provided by the artist.”The event organizers will not be held responsible if they feel unwell after eating.”To add to the professionalism of his performance art performance, the artist also hired a professional chef to guide him on how to cook Tintin.Finally, the tintin is served with mushrooms and parsley.Of the 70 guests, five were brave enough to try the ‘human feast’ : a couple, a cartoonist, a 32-year-old woman and a 22-year-old event planner.The other 60 guests ended up with beef or crocodile.Sugiyama was later arrested by local police for indecent exposure and later released.But then he went on to cut off his nipples…Apparently, this special group of people who cut off their private parts have voluntarily undergone this extreme body modification.The statistical explanation for their particular psychology is that they have a problem with their own gender identity.People in the “Nullos” culture define themselves as “neither male nor female”, which is a gender identity based on non-dualism.Most of the members are men who are keen on or have had tintin removal because they “don’t want to be women” and hate their current male bodies.Some of the men had sex with women, while others had sex with men, and their sexual orientation had no effect on their surgery.And one of the most curious things about this group, how did they do it?In our ancient times there are eunuchs this special occupation exists, we have also seen a lot of similar scenes of castration in movies and TV plays.In real life, Nullos do not have professional institutions to go to, and most of them choose to diy themselves at home.Trent Gates, a 23-year-old from Washington, D.C., has spoken in detail about his procedure.He had his first operation, to remove his testicles, at his home in 2016.Six months later, he cut tintin himself in a motel outside.He said he had done everything possible to prepare, including sterilizing the ceramic knife and taking painkillers in advance.After the surgery, he painstakingly stored the severed body parts in a refrigerator and rushed to the hospital.The shocked doctor immediately stitched him up, seriously questioned his statement that “I didn’t do it myself” and called a psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation, who said, “Miraculously, the boy is sane…”He then spent a month in hospital with a catheter to help him urinate, while surgeons stitched him up again.His parents and grandparents understood, he said, but his mother couldn’t stand the frozen organ and lost it against his will.”I didn’t want to be a woman, I wanted to be a kind of middle ground between the two, a hermaphrodite in between.”I feel happier.I feel more like me.I feel, I guess, freer in a sense.It’s kind of hard to describe.Deep down, I feel more like who I’ve always been.”