The wanzhou-Kaijiang expressway construction land allocation and piling and survey and demarcation started

2022-08-01 0 By

The enshi to Guangyuan National Expressway has been approved for construction by Chongqing Development and Reform Commission (2021) No. 288.The project fund has been confirmed, and the project owner is Chongqing High-speed Railway Construction Wankaida Expressway Co., LTD.The construction land of wanzhou-Kaijiang section will be set aside and piles will be set up.Enshi to guangyuan national highway wanzhou to open belongs to a national highway system G5012, up Yu Wanzhou deer mountain, near and under construction in chongqing SAN tin G5012 line to peak period, and set the deer mountain hub and interchange both to wanzhou liangping G42 line segment intersection, the route to the north by the wanzhou routes town, sorghum town, through the iron mountain,It then passes through Nanmen Town of Kaizhou, passes through Nanshan Mountain, passes through Tieqiao Town, and stops near Nanya Town of Kaizhou, and sets up an interchange of Nanya hub to connect with the existing G5012 line from Chongqing Nanya to Sichuan Kaijiang section.The total length of the route is about 51 kilometers.There are 25 Bridges in the whole line, including main interchange Bridges, 6 tunnels, 7 interconnecting three-dimensional crossings, 5 interconnecting flat-top junctions reserved, 2 general interconnecting and 1 service area.About 36 kilometers of land is planned to be permanently requisitioned for 5,000 mu of land, and about 2,800 mu of temporary land.According to the control results provided by the design drawing, the site lofting of the coordinate of land expropriation is carried out to the site location one by one, so as to clarify the pile point of land expropriation and determine the boundary line of land expropriation. The length of line lofting is estimated to be 30km *1.2 (interchange coefficient), including the equipment and labor costs of coordinate lofting.Calculated from the date of signing the contract, 50 calendar days for laying out lines and laying piles and 65 calendar days for surveying and demarcating;The late service to the completion of the project acceptance, tentatively 6 years.