Fake depth: Tell me why lebron James never gets the whistle when he’s fouled!

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Lebron James was the star of Cleveland’s final day before the All-Star game with a late-quarter comeback against the Utah Jazz.However, there were several drives by James during the game, even though it was obvious from both the senses and the slow-motion replays that James was being fouled.But the whistle was silent.This “unfair” treatment of James has led to a lot of Lebron fans to complain about lebron not getting the whistle.So, I’m going to take my point and pretend to talk in depth about why a player like lebron James always misses the call after being fouled.The first thing to shut up about sunspots is that there is no whistle, not the so-called “body hair whistle.”When lebron James came into the league in 2003, he was 18 years old.In terms of age, he grew up in the 1990s, which is revered by many fans born in the 1990s and 2000s.Therefore, if the overall style of American basketball at that time was “barbaric”, it is impossible for the generation of stars who grew up in this environment to completely understand the content of the game at that time.And remember when Raja Bell did kobe Bryant’s clothesline?It was during a 2006 playoff game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix SUNS that bell, who was on the defensive against Bryant’s unstoppable drive, slapped him with a dangerous clothesline foul from the side.As for why this foul is dangerous, you can baidu!In fact, these types of “violent” fouls have led the league to realize that protecting the health of its stars is the key to the league’s continued growth and appeal to fans.As a result, since 2007, the league has become increasingly strict about the penalty for violating the torso of an offensive player.Around 2014, the so-called “body hair whistle”, as it is now known, began to take off.As you can see from the above, there were no body hair calls in the league before 2014, especially before 2010. So, for James, more than 90% of his non-calls were “must call” calls on other players.So why is he so unpopular with referees?One of the most important reasons is lebron’s historic physical talent.Before lebron James came into the league, there had never been a line player in the history of the NBA with such incredible physical talent.If anything, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O ‘Neal are in the same league.But Jordan is the kind of flying “air man”, SHAq is a sweeping inside monster, but James, is the best combination of physical athleticism and opposing and relative technical ability!For anyone who knows anything about the NBA in the 1990s, look at Sean “Rain Man” Kemp, the Seattle Supersonics’ all-star power forward.At that time, people have been stunned by Kemp’s “explosive” power, and James, in fact, is a technical player with peak Kemp physical ability!To say James is skilled, there are sure to be “black spots” who will spare no effort to prove something.There’s no time for bullshit. Keep talking.Because of this historic physical talent, James’ primary offense for most of his career, and his most lethal weapon, has been penetration.Before 2010, Lebron was still in his “Lebron” shooting mode, but his ability to break through the hoop was the league’s best combination of speed, power and ball.His width, depth and core make him impossible to stop when he pops up.Pierce and RON Artest were the only offensive players who could compete with him, but those two were not in James’ league in terms of lateral ability or speed.That, coupled with James’ seemingly innate soft touch on layups, makes it almost impossible for defenders to not foul when they try to jam his drive.However, because of this huge advantage in physical talent, referees can’t help but make a lot of “result calls”.In other words, referees will call or not call fouls based on the results of James’ drives.Veteran fans may remember that back in lebron James’ 1.0 era, there were times in the game when James was clearly fouled, but the ball had already been shot, and referees were looking to see if the ball was in the frame to decide whether to call.If it’s in, forget it. If it’s not in, make another one, which creates a lot of calls that feel a bit “insensitive”.This is because from a referee’s point of view, with James’s physical ability, some “lightweight” fouls do not interfere with his offensive movement, and over time, the usual goons and even drags are rarely called fouls.In fact, this kind of high treatment is not from James, such as Jordan, O ‘Neal, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, has been the original Yao Ming has been the referee “special” care.When I’m supposed to cut you off, I’ll cut you off.This leads directly to another important reason why Lebron has a hard time fouling, and perhaps the most important reason: competitive balance in the league.Early years we see o ‘neill, Yao Ming such a big inside playing time, always sigh, opponents are into what, the referee is really not blowing!To put it bluntly, if SHAquille O ‘Neal is in the next five years from 2015-2020, he could easily crush any team in the paint, not even in his prime, with the Heat or even the Cavs.However, in order to maintain the competitive balance between the various teams, the league will definitely restrict the players who break the league’s balance of strength.In fact, athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are ok, their offense is more “no contact” state, but shaq, Yao Ming and James are more physical than you, is the crushing offense, if the same treatment as ordinary people to give them, the other people will not live?After all, the SAN Antonio Spurs are the only team in the NBA in 30 years that has been able to overcome an opponent’s strengths with a combination of offense and defense.Besides, don’t forget to include the same kind of treatment in the league’s all-time defensive lineman Tim Duncan.I also think of a very familiar case, that is Stephen Curry!Remember the last two years, in 2015-17, Curry made over 40% of his three-point attempts from 1 meter behind the line, while being guarded and touching.What’s the concept?That said, from anywhere beyond the three-point line, even when fouled, Curry is still able to shoot at a rate and pace that is far above the league average.So, for a long time, there was the “weird phenomenon” that James didn’t have a two-and-one and Curry didn’t have a cylinder.That’s because curry’s uncanny ability to shoot three-pointers has led the league to believe he’s out of balance.Imagine if Curry could enjoy something similar to Trey Young, or even just Lillard from beyond the three-point line, the Warriors would be even more incomprehensible!Now that Lillard is mentioned, we might as well say a few words.In previous years, Lillard had led the league in fouls on 3-pointers.Why does Lillard, who is also known as a good shooter, need to be there?Simply because he is not “hao” enough!In the period when Lillard scored 40 points and finished with a 3-pointer to beat golden State alone, lillard was only shooting around 35 percent from 3-point range with someone guarding him.So, the coach still gets a lot of “coming” fouls.But as Curry’s field goal percentage after 18 years begins to approach human, lillard’s watch becomes more and more frequent, and the league quietly changes the scale, curry’s cylinder becomes less and less accessible, and Lillard becomes more and more difficult to foul from beyond the three-point line.Because Lillard is getting more and more accurate, has touched the league’s “control line”!Back to Lebron, of course, he’s a special presence.I think a lot of people have seen a very interesting video, when Michael Jordan was with the Wizards, a referee was hesitant because of a foul during an offense.And Jordan clearly said: he fouled!So the referee “decisively” called the opponent.Subsequently, the referee and Jordan communication: I did not see, but you said he fouled, I believe you……It certainly seemed like a joke, and it was understandable how the referee would respect and protect the “god of basketball” in his final season.On the other hand, lebron James is in his 19th season!And, without a doubt, he is the most accomplished and influential player in the league since Michael Jordan left.It makes sense that the American media would rank him second in NBA history.But he still enjoys a calling scale that has hardly changed in 20 years!This alone is enough to prove that James is terrible enough to be respected or “hated”!Fierce!He’s just good!Don’t say!If you could really pick a player to play a basketball game and lose and you could jump off a building with him in your arms, I’d pick Lebron, too!