Does the table still use distance?Well, there are other options

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# The distance between objects or places is called distance, so the distance is a long/short distance.Kilometers a distance of 100 kilometers.Is A short distance competent?We know that whether it’s long or short, they’re descriptive adjectives, they’re descriptive adjectives, they’re descriptive adjectives, they’re descriptive adjectives, and they can sometimes create compelling suspense, but they don’t tell the reader “eigenvalues,” and there’s a lot of them, so they’re kind of suspenseful.At a snail'Q: Which is the characteristic value of the snail? A: The speed at which the snail moves?And slow does not in any way do this. This is the limitation of descriptive adjectives, which even slow’s “second or big brothers” Slower and slowest do not.Similarly, a short distance only shows the reader that the distance is short, so is 100 kilometers long or short?Obviously, if there is no reference point, such descriptions would be “irresponsible behavior”, or they would only appear in elementary writing or speaking. However, if we use walking distance to describe a short distance, it would seem friendly, so the eigenvalue “walking distance” is obvious.In fact, distance is a word with its own “distance”, which can refer to “distance” in space and time. In other words, distance itself has the meaning of “distance” when it is not modified by other adjectives, such as at/from a distance, which means “a distance, distance, distance”, etc.E.g. She finally spotted her husband in the crowd at a distance.She finally spotted her husband in the crowd in the distance.And in/into the distance, meaning in the distance, but still in the distance, e.g., We saw frequent thunder and lightning in the distance.We saw thunder and lightning in the distance.A stone is a stone, a walking distance is a stone.S throw;Notice the grammar of “wu de”, the possessive case of inanimate things.S.According to the traditional rules of grammar, all relations are expressed by adding ‘s to nouns denoting living things and certain inanimate things such as time, distance, planet, world, country, etc.If the noun ends in -s or -es, we add ‘stone’ to the possessive case.A stone'S throw is an idiom in which “throw” means “throwing distance”. Then the distance described by the throwing distance of a stone is also clearly visible. Is it more attractive than short distance?The museum is within a stone'S: It’s only a stone’s throw from the gym.Pay attention to foreign language line world, later will be more wonderful.