“5G+8K” technology will refresh the Experience of watching Olympic Games

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The 24th Winter Olympic Games, namely Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, officially kicked off on February 4, 2022 with the theme of “Together for the future”.At the opening ceremony that night, we knew that the Beijing Winter Olympics had successfully fulfilled its promise of a “high-tech Winter Olympics” when the unprecedented 8K ultra-high-definition ground display system appeared before the audience.In fact, the “Winter Olympics of Science and Technology” was one of the highlights of the Beijing Winter Olympics.In addition to the ultra high definition ground display system at the opening ceremony, “dark technologies” including VR free viewing Angle, cloud broadcasting technology, digital twin technology and holographic virtual image have all been applied to the Beijing Winter Olympics.It is worth mentioning that for the smooth implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work during the Winter Olympics, many spectators are unable to visit the Venues in person.In this context, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games not only achieved the first attempt to live broadcast the opening ceremony using “5G+8K” technology in the history of the Olympic Games, but also became the world’s first large-scale live sports event using “5G+8K” technology.”5G+8K” technology has been called the most popular “dark technology” at the Beijing Winter Olympics by many insiders because it can essentially improve the experience of spectators.As a matter of fact, the popularity of “5G+8K” technology in the live broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games did not come overnight. This innovation in the live broadcast and video communication technology had begun to emerge in many fields long before the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.As a new generation of mobile communication technology 5G with high speed, low delay and large connection, it and 8K, the highest standard of video display technology today, are actually a pair of mutual achievements of “perfect match”.Since the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4, as the integrated broadcast and control platform for the application demonstration of “5G+8K” during the “Scientific and Technological Winter Olympics”, the Documentary 8K UHD experimental channel of the Winter Olympic Games is linking the 8K UHD large screen of 20 urban public Spaces in Beijing and the 8K TV of the demonstration community to achieve cross-screen fusion communication under different scenarios for the first time.Bring the audience an immersive watching experience.5G and 8K technologies have already been tested in a number of applications.At the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, 5G has already been used for audio-visual broadcasting of the event.At the previous Super Bowl in the US, the 5G network deployed inside the venue has been able to provide viewers with a consistent high rate experience, with peak rates exceeding 2.5Gbps, supporting an immersive, multi-view live viewing experience.The development path of “5G+8K” technology can also be followed in the broadcast and TELEVISION field, which is the most important for live broadcasting of sports events.In recent years, adhering to the innovation-driven development strategy, the China Media Group has made great efforts to improve its technological capabilities in content production and communication. It has carried out a series of work, including the construction of 5G new media platform and 4K/8K ultra HD production system, and is shifting from traditional technology layout to 5G+4K/8K+AI strategy.On the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Strategic layout being created by the China Media Group just provides a great space to fully present the charm of the Olympic Games.Coincidentally, in order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, on December 31, 2021, the Winter Olympics Documentary 8K ULTRA HD experimental channel of Beijing Broadcasting and Television officially launched. As the first 8K TV channel in China, it will broadcast 24 hours a day, which has become an important window to tell the story of the Winter Olympics well and show the image of China.It is also an innovation engine leading the development of the domestic UHD industry and an important starting point for the implementation and demonstration of the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” project.Although 5G+8K has played an important role in the live broadcasting of events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, there are a wide range of scenarios that 5G+8K technology can be applied to in the future.In this regard, Qualcomm and its ecological partner TVU (TVU Networks) in the “5G+8K” product layout is very representative.Earlier, at the Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai, Qualcomm, in cooperation with China Unicom, demonstrated a variety of applications including “5G+8K” broadcast video upstream and downstream transmission, 5G mixed reality smart snow field, 5G panoramic experience, AND 5G free perspective event live broadcasting, which greatly opened the eyes of the guests at that time.In addition to live events, the TVU One 5G backpack based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 platform has been applied in many scenarios.In previous reports of the national two sessions, many media reporters can easily live mobile walking with the help of TVU One 5G live backpack.At the same time, TVU One 5G backpack can also greatly improve the quality of programs by reducing the delay and bringing a clearer picture of the network broadcast that used to be conducted via video connection.In 2020, on the 60th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Qomolangma from the north slope, and the 45th anniversary of China’s first accurate measurement and announcement of the height of Qomolangma, the survey was officially launched.Due to the high and magnificent Mount Qomolangma, unique geographical environment, perennial low temperature, thin air, extremely steep terrain, extremely strong ultraviolet radiation, and poor signal environment, the live broadcasting personnel and equipment need to undergo severe tests.In view of the excellent performance in the application test of TVU One with built-in 5G module, Xinhua News Agency, which made full coverage of the measurement of Qomolangma, finally chose TVU One 5G to undertake the live measurement of Qomolangma elevation, and finally completed the task successfully.In the expo 2021, due to the dense crowd and complex signal environment, it is easy to cause channel congestion and signal coverage dead spots. After several months of technical solution discussion, verification and field deployment test, TVU One 5G live broadcast backpack successfully realized fast and stable video transmission in the exhibition hall.In these scenarios, 5G is an important factor to ensure that TVU One 5G live backpack achieves the desired effect.It is understood that TVU One 5G backpack has built-in RM500Q remote 5G module based on Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 platform, which integrates international advanced dynamic intelligent coding technology and multiplexing technology to achieve stable and reliable real-time live streaming of high-quality video images, and complete full live streaming assist in many extreme conditions.Based on qualcomm’s snapdragon X55 platform, qualcomm’s snapdragon X65 platform is the first to bring 5G speeds of 10Gbps (10 gigabits).In fact, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X65 platform not only means faster speed, but also means more application scenarios and better user experience.For example, with the support of Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 platform, users can appear in the concert scene thousands of miles away through 360° panoramic ultra-high definition video live broadcast. Users can even use mobile terminals to conduct professional video editing and 3D design on the cloud.As we can see, “5G+8K” technology has become a standard in the mass live broadcasting and rebroadcasting work in the media industry.In the Implementation Plan of Radio and Television Technology Iteration (2020-2022) issued by the General Office of the National Radio and Television Administration, it is emphasized to promote the reengineering of radio and television and network audio-visual process and system.In this context, Qualcomm technology’s continuous innovation and breakthrough in the field of “5G+8K” is actually providing strong technical support for the live broadcasting and rebroadcasting of events and activities in the media industry.It has to be said that since the beginning of the 3G era, Qualcomm technology’s related technical solutions have begun to closely “cooperate” with the media industry.Since then, behind one upgrade after another, more and more application scenarios have been activated and audiences’ experience has been substantially improved with qualcomm Technology’s technological iterations.Based on China’s perfect 5G network and transmission advantages brought by 5G, such “5G+8K” technology may profoundly change our society and life.(By Liu Yang)