There is a hole of 8mm in darling heart, should become operation cure?It makes sense to hear the doctor say so

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In February 2019, a baby’s cry filled the operating room.The young mother Xiaoli (pseudonym) weakly opened her eyes and looked at the baby in the hands of the nurse. After two hours of observation of the mother and child by the nurse, Xiaoli and the baby had no abnormal situation. After two hours, they and their families returned to the ward smoothly.However, as the child grows up, the child sometimes appears in the crying around the mouth blue and white face, caused the attention of the family.After careful examination in the local hospital, the doctor found that the foramen ovale of the child was not completely closed. Generally, it would automatically close one month to six months after the birth of the child, but at this time, the child was already six months old, so the local doctor suggested that the child should go to a large hospital, after all, the local conditions were limited.In October 2019, the family can’t wait to take their children to the cardiovascular surgery clinic, afternoon through new doctor consultation, often combined with heart colour to exceed check, you can see the scope of patent foramen to 8 mm, often doctors to them patiently, patent foramen area is larger, has reached the indications for surgery, surgery can be involved in sealing.Because the child is still too young, Dr. Chang suggested that observation can be carried out again, every 3 months to half a year to do a heart color ultrasound review, in the case of symptoms do not affect the growth and development of the child, it is more safe to wait until some grow up and choose to do surgery.At present, minimally invasive closure of patent foramen ovale is mostly used in clinical practice, which will not produce wounds, no radiation, but also avoid potential risks, which is a better choice. Moreover, this surgical technology in our department is very mature, so that families should not be too afraid.”Does the foramen ovale get bigger?Children’s lips are not too rosy, sleep at night easy to perspire and patent foramen ovale are related?Are there risks and sequelae?Xiao Li asked eagerly again.Dr. Chang answered all these questions one by one: the foramen ovale may become larger, but it will not change significantly, such as 4mm this year and 9mm next year.In addition, less rosy lips and perspiration at night were not directly related to PATENT foramen ovale.As for the sequelae after surgery, there are very few patients who may lead to partial residual blood shunt due to inappropriate closure of umbrella or incorrect location of closure.However, the probability of this problem is very low, and our department is the first to carry out interventional sealing surgery in the province, and the number of treatment cases is also in the forefront of the province. The current technology is quite mature, and the success rate of surgery is close to 100%. It is not a problem to follow the guidance of doctors.Doctor profile: Chang Xin, master of Medicine, attending physician of cardiovascular Surgery in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.He specializes in surgical and minimally invasive treatment of congenital heart disease, patent foramen ovale, valvular heart disease, coronary heart disease, great vascular disease and cardiac tumors