Khuminga: I felt like I was defending Lebron very hard. I gave it an 85

2022-07-31 0 By

Today the lakers challenger conceded by 2 points on the road to the warriors, the final moments of James three free throws missed became the turning point, and James today is still scored 26 points and 14 rebounds, but he didn’t have a effective today, the match making 9 of 27, the late game is one of 10 shots,However, also belongs to the forward of the rookie Kuminga today after the game on the defense of James gave some insights.Library Ming said in an interview “when I was little often see kobe play, but many will see James play a ball game, so now can against with him really cool, this is a dream, I feel today James prevention effect is good, he struggled for some time, very afflictive, I can make a 85 points to their own defense.”Next is the most intuitive feelings against James in talking about something, library Ming and said “I’m amazed by his talent, his vision is really good, he can find the location of each teammate, so I need to learn from him, but I think Randall’s body is the most strong, I don’t think his talent is very poor,But there’s still a bit of a gap with Lebron. He’s very physical.”Library Ming as a rookie, used for today’s game and confrontation between James, his courage is very good, at least not stage fright, today in the face of the impact of the James, he is conscientious on defense, and for the final data, it does give James to prevent less efficiency, it is also because the old zhan in details the result of too much 3-pointer.So you think lebron had a rough day?Or did Kuminga’s defense have some effect?