In the face of Stalin’s first strike, the military superstrength of Marshal Qu ‘hille plans a great retreat

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In 1944, when Stalin’s first strike was about to begin, the total strength of the German Army Group North was 610,000 German soldiers, equipped with 148 chariots and 2,390 artillery pieces throughout the Soviet-German battlefield.Although the combined strength of the northern cluster was equal to the combined strength of the German armies in Italy and the Balkans, these were the weaker army groups on the eastern front.Even so, He was asked by Hitler to send reinforcements to other army groups such as Manstein.Thus, when the weak Trozler learned of Stalin’s impending surprise attack on Army Group North, he recognized the danger and decided that a retreat was inevitable. He made plans for the withdrawal early and began preparing for it in the autumn.Try to avoid unnecessary losses in battle.Therefore, Marshal Qu ‘hille began to advance the withdrawal of auxiliary troops, organs, warehouses to the rear;And began to set up a number of intermediate positions in strategic depth, in order to ensure that they would be able to provide a basis for successive resistance in the event of a German retreat after a loss in the Soviet war.Marshal Qu ‘hille was indeed very thoughtful and meticulous.