Beijing narrowly beat Shanghai, ranking fifth in Zhejiang, and among the top 8 cities and provinces to pay tax in 2021

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Like to see my article friends, trouble attention, thank you for your support!Guangdong ranked first in 2021, with a total of 1.1869 trillion yuan, much higher than Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong, among the top eight provinces and cities to pay tax in 2021.It shows that Guangdong has a high level of economic quality, good enterprise benefits, and its development model is worthy of learning and reference by all provinces. Guangdong is worthy of being the largest strong province in China.In addition, Beijing’s tax revenue was 882.63 billion yuan, narrowly beating Shanghai’s 871.232 billion yuan. It was not easy to achieve such a good result.It shows that Beijing has a high level of development and strong corporate headquarters, and has made remarkable achievements in industrial transformation, upgrading and innovation. It has become a leader in the city and a model for everyone to learn from.Of course, the fact that Beijing pays more tax than Shanghai does not mean it is powerful.Since 2021, various economic indicators, such as the tertiary industry of electricity, financial savings, the listed company, pays taxes, fiscal revenue, the added value of the financial sector, and so on all aspects, Beijing and Shanghai have the outcome, equal, is super first-tier cities in China, a lot stronger than guangzhou and shenzhen, the future will certainly become one of the world’s most influential international metropolis.Last but not least, Zhejiang paid 656.439 billion yuan in tax revenue in 2021, ranking fifth in China, surpassing shandong, Sichuan and Henan provinces.It shows that The development level of Zhejiang is high, and the economy is stable and good, showing a good momentum of development.Zhejiang is very clear and definite in terms of industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation and economic development goals in the future. With advantages of population, policy and geographical location, zhejiang has huge development potential and unlimited future. It will be one of the most dazzling provinces and a model for all provinces to learn from.The following is the situation of the top 8 provinces and cities in 2021: Guangdong ranked first with 1.1869 billion yuan;It was followed by Beijing with 882.63 billion yuan, Shanghai with 871.232 billion yuan, Jiangsu with 748.507 billion yuan, Zhejiang with 656.439 billion yuan, Shandong with 485.399 billion yuan, Sichuan with 299.197 billion yuan, and Henan with 246.033 billion yuan.Note: 1- Data are for reference only.2- Data Date: 2021.