A man in Guizhou province got a nosebleed when he fired two shots: he lost half a month’s salary

2022-07-31 0 By

Spending the Spring Festival with family is supposed to be a happy event, but recently, a man in Guizhou province got angry and got a nosebleed after playing mahjong with two shots.The weather in Guizhou is chilly in winter, and few pedestrians can be seen when walking on the road. As people are sitting at home, playing mahjong has become the most important activity during the Local Spring Festival.Mahjong culture is popular in Guizhou. Almost all the local men, women and children can play mahjong, and children have been influenced by it since childhood. People are also keen on playing mahjong.During the Spring Festival, a man in Tongren, Guizhou province, and several acquaintances played mahjong to catch ten yuan chicken, all said that playing mahjong is a skill, the man played mahjong technology is too dish, black Eight one gun double ring:One was a big pair and the other was a clear one. Counting the black eight and the small chicken and the full house chicken, the man lost thousands of yuan in a card game. The man suddenly got angry and had a nosebleed: frankly speaking, he lost half his salary.To see the man playing mahjong gas nosebleeds, netizens are also ridiculed angry heavy, originally playing mahjong is an entertainment activity, playing mahjong gas nosebleeds are rare in the world ah!Summary each place has its own culture, mahjong culture reflects the prevalence of people’s love of mahjong, appropriate entertainment can relax, playing small mahjong with several families is also a reunion, catch two yuan chicken does not hurt feelings, do not gamble mentality playing mahjong.At the same time, playing mahjong should not play the nature of gambling, especially with non-family playing mahjong table gambling over a certain limit is involved in gambling, which is prohibited by the state, beware of the police uncle come to chat oh.Stay up late gambling injury and money, playing mahjong to degree, and other people’s wife playing mahjong to have a gentleman’s demeanor, and strangers playing mahjong to have the measure of money, let others happy, also want to make their own happiness, we say it is this reason?Welcome to discuss in the comments section!Follow me to learn more