20 yuan for a whole day in downtown Guangzhou?

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How long has it been since you visited the 64-year-old Guangzhou Zoo?01, Memories of Guangzhou people – 64 years of zoo/Guangzhou Zoo, can be said to be every old Guangzhou will visit the holy land of spring outing.It has been 64 years of history, has carried the memories of several generations of Guangzhou people!In the days when there was no Xiangjiang Wild Animal Park, sea world and happy world, a sentence “go to Guangzhou Zoo tomorrow” would make me, who was still a child, excited to go to sleep after turning the clock.The zoo in the city center, though much smaller than other suburban zoos.But the location is convenient, as long as there is a sunny day, will go there to stroll.Compared to the amusement park, which requires more than 100 tickets to start, the adult ticket is only 20 yuan, and the children can play for a day at half price. It is really a good and cheap place to walk the baby!Because compared with the crowded net red shop, in the zoo is easier to take a few gratified photos, aimless sitting in the lake, watching birds, watching the scenery, such as the wind to……Many netizens said that the zoo is really a good and cheap place to take a walk and take a baby.Finally, after the guangzhou Forestry and parks Bureau, or decided not to move!In this way, it not only retains the childhood memories of Guangzhou people, but also saves the consumption cost and time cost of citizens to play!02, How are your old friends at the zoo?/ When I step into the zoo, I still remember taking pictures with elephants when I was a child.No matter how old you get, the novelty of going to the zoo never wears off.I haven’t been to the zoo for so long. I wonder if the animals I saw in my childhood are still there?Today, there are more than 5,000 of the more than 400 “fantastic animals” in the zoo.Including the national treasure giant panda, majestic tiger, lion, the most with the flavor of the grassland giraffe……After a long absence from the zoo, the animals felt much more at ease than they had remembered.Cute panda, lying on a rock.All the shade and solitude of a meadow to oneself, like a lazy cat at home.A stretch, a scratch.Enjoy the delicious bamboo, eat comfortable nest on the board to take a nap, not to mention how comfortable.African lions, with their majestic appearance, roam the side of the rocky mountain, prowling around like gardeners.If you are lucky, you can also see naughty and clever golden monkeys.Her hair glistened in the sun like happiness.The birds chattering in the trees are still the most lively and bright colored clouds in the wetland bird area.Flamingos can be seen everywhere on the lake, holding their small heads, as if discussing what to eat for dinner today. Tall and powerful elephants walk, equally energetic and domineering./// The sight of these animals is like a memory trigger, a sequence of childhood laughing moments running through my mind.The amusement park is as old as ever, and the little girl who might be photographed with the animals years later is long grown.03, can not travel holiday together to the zoo spring!Walking into the zoo, we are greeted by green, fresh air and colorful animals, so that people can not help but stop to feel the beauty of slow life.After so many years, prices keep rising, but the ticket price of Guangzhou Zoo has not changed, only 20 yuan can have a simple day of happiness, really worth it!For many old people, guangzhou Zoo is a childhood that never goes back, and a bag of snacks during the spring outing has become a memory.This is a place to store the collective memory of Guangzhou people, including the memories of those born in the 70s, 80s and 90s.When you walk into the zoo, it seems that you can return to the fearless childhood and feel the hot youth.Taking advantage of the weekend, friends like me who have not been here for a long time can still walk into the “old guangmen’s childhood memories” when they walk into the Guangzhou Zoo.❏ Address information ❏ Guangzhou Zoo Transportation Subway: Subway Line 5 zoo Station Exit C Bus: Zoo South Gate Terminus Opening hours: 08:00-18:00 16:30 Closing Tips:BOUNS: Tell us about your memories with the zoo. How do you get home from the zoo?Reply “Guangzhou Metro” in the message box of our official account to get hd subway guide map