“Trial drug” group: the trial drug group is young, and the income in 15 days is more than 10,000 yuan

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As the saying goes, three parts of medicine are poison.No one wants to take pills all the time, except for one group of people.In the continuous development of clinical medicine, “drug testing” is undoubtedly an indispensable link, and even derived from this “professional drug testing person”.However, due to various reasons, the group does not know to the public, in the interests of the market under the catalysis, reagent people apply for the position of the route and get benefits, and the reagent itself, there were more and more uncertain factors, how to identify possible risk, how to correctly understand reagent of the role, is undoubtedly era new thinking to the people.In professional drug testing circles, there is a popular formula: money ÷ days = risk.In other words, the shorter the day, the more money, the higher the risk.This makes sense. Therefore, when the drug testing agency comes into contact with some projects that cannot recruit subjects due to the high risk factor, it will usually lower the payment of drug testing secretly, so as to reduce the psychological burden of the test keeper.But for the “old river’s lake” in the drug test, that is, professional drug test people, the risk coefficient is often not the first range they consider, the intermediary mouth of the return price, is the focus of their attention.On the road of professional drug testing people from all walks of life, what people have, the old, middle-aged, young people, healthy people, patients…They become professional drug testers for different reasons, some because they are forced to live, others because they enjoy it.Xiao A is A staff member of A large pharmaceutical RESEARCH and development contract outsourcing service company, which ranks second in the industry in China and is the fourth bridge connecting pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and patients. In her career, she has seen too many different types of subjects.As the clinical trial coordinator, although she had to come into contact with many subjects who came to test the drug every day, she should have been on the verge of numbness, but there were still several things that impressed little A.The first happened to a boy of eighteen or nineteen.At that time, Little A was cooperating with the company and the hospital to carry out A drug trial project, which required the collection of urine and feces from the subjects. Each subject was given A toilet set and A yellow garbage bag to put the feces to be extracted into, and they could be paid accordingly.After finishing these things, the boy still refused to go, to small A and another medical staff asked, recently the company has “blank blood” project, he wants to continue to try, words seem to be A little hesitant.At that time, the inexperienced little A did not know why, but the medical staff beside her already knew, and then rather coldly said to the boy, this kind of project is rare, and he just drew A lot of blood in the last project, do not think about doing the next project.The boy listened to some embarrassed, soon left the line of sight of small A.After he left, the paramedic shook her head slightly, indicating that the boy was about to become a professional drug tester.The so-called professional drug tester is mainly aimed at the economic reward of drug testing “old river’s lake”, their life even depends on drug testing to maintain.The compensation depends on the drug. Some drugs can get 9,000 yuan for a trial, while others can get more than 10,000 yuan in 15 days. Again, the higher the reward, the greater the risk.Later, small A just know, although sound all is A trial drug, but inside the door is still many.The trial was divided into four phases. Unlike the later three phases, all the subjects in the first phase were healthy except for some cancer patients.Clinical drug trials, most reagent project requires subjects to take medicine, but also a part of the project is only need to extract the subjects’ blood, and to collect their urine, do not need to take medicine, this kind of project for minimal damage to the body, thus became a very rare blood “blank” project, this is reagent “jargon” in this business.The ease with which the young boy was able to ask the question at least showed that he was experienced, probably not the first time he had tried the drug.For some subjects, the trial period is short and the return is fast, so it has become a “shortcut” to make money.After saying goodbye to the young boy, little A soon witnessed the “madness” of professional drug testers.It was a middle-aged subject who had just finished collecting blood and was slowly picking up an indent needle on his arm and preparing to leave when he was recognized by a nearby paramedic.Because it is a familiar face, so contact with his medical staff recognized him at once, the last time the man attended the reagent is still less than a month, according to the truth, the subjects need to be in at least three months after a reagent to reagent, again only after enough time gap, can let them drug metabolism in the body clean, do not affect their body, to the next, and the effects of reagent.Apparently, this middle-aged man is also a professional drug tester, and in the test drug violation.In the end, his blood was rejected and he could not participate in the trial.Before accepting the test, each drug tester will have a routine physical examination, and there are many indicators to be tested. This kind of physical examination has strict requirements on the subjects. Once a certain item is found to be unqualified, the subjects cannot pass.However, some subjects in the market have always found ways to circumvent the process, whether forced or driven by a desire for profit.For example, some people put a drop of white vinegar into their urine during a no-smoking urine test so that smoking history would not be detected.Or they used money to bribe other subjects to give them a little urine.Of course, these are the trends that appeared in the past few years when there was no subject information sharing. In order to combat this evil trend, most hospitals today will establish a network information database for subject sharing, which can prevent subject cheating to a certain extent.As for the middle-aged man, he probably used someone else’s identity, as did the urine collection., pharmaceuticals, reagent, and eventually launched drugs success, in the process of a drug successful launch, reagent itself is innate in the drug experiments, but because of its particularity, reagent must contact with real people, therefore has brought the inevitable risk, to some extent, in order to compensate the subjects, the money did not appear in the link of reagent, derivative belongs to the interests of the chain.But it is also because of the money involved that there is turmoil in the trial market.In order to get money quickly, some people try drugs without hesitation regardless of physical violations, and some people take drug testing as a “career” to make money, separated from the society and the crowd to make a living.What’s more, the intermediaries that exist between drug research companies and those testing drugs are often filled with people with ulterior motives.It is the most trivial thing that the reward of the tester is maliciously lowered. Some intermediaries will even lie about the risk coefficient of the drug to trick the tester into carrying out the experiment. Finally, the tester does not get the full reward and suffers physical and mental harm.Intermediaries are the bedrock of the clinical trial business, so to speak, but they also create some confusion.The netizen who had done the drug test member said that he was cheated by the intermediary to do the drug test because of his young age, and only gave 50 yuan in return for a needle. Now it seems that the side effects of the drug are not proportional to the reward.Although this was not the original intention of the trial, the confusion was real.Third, since it is known that drug testing is risky and will lead to chaos in the industry, does it mean that drug testing is not desirable and is immoral or even devoid of humanity?Of course not.Everything has a duality. It is not always either/or.As mentioned above, drug testing is a key part of clinical drug trials, and only when it is confirmed that the drug can be used on humans can it be marketed.In the grand scheme of things, the participation of drug testers is essentially a noble act, and without their participation in the process of medical enterprise, there is no possibility of the majority enjoying the results.In fact, by the time a drug reaches its final stage, which is when it can be used on people, it has already passed through layers of testing, and is relatively safe to use in clinical trials, whether generic or new.In the early stage, the drug will be first applied to animal experiments, and only when it passes safely will it continue to the next step. After all, the purpose of developing a drug itself is to successfully market the drug, and the successful development of a new drug must be due to the burning RESEARCH and development funds and the unremitting efforts of medical researchers.At least, they didn’t develop drugs to cheat people.Moreover, in addition to some of the drug subjects who came for the money, there were also patients who really came for the drug.Pear video has done a phase of the content of cancer patients, the test drug in the video are suffering from cancer patients have no other way, most of them have done chemotherapy, radiotherapy, suffered from the disease for years or even more than ten years of suffering, targeted drugs and all kinds of efforts have been done, there is no other way to recover.They are being tested to try new drugs that are not yet on the market, which could damage their health or be their last resort.In order to fight for a chance of survival, many people choose to become drug testers. If they die in the end, they have cancer and will die anyway, but if the new drug works, then of course it is a “profit”.In fact, many people in the medical system, but also did the test of a new drug, the emergence of a new drug will pay some price, it is inevitable.Conclusion: Nowadays, people’s cognition of “drug test” and “professional drug test person” is largely based on the market situation that is gradually alienated by interests.Some people say that the emergence of economic compensation in the “trial drug” link will firmly target the poor group.However, it is not only the poor who are forced by life, but also speculators, gamblers, debtors, etc. The problem is not the process itself, but the greed and laziness hidden in the dark side of human beings.Author: Black Cat