“The World” : Liang Xiaosheng, no matter how fast people run, they are not as good as the Benz era train

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“There is no paradise on earth” : Liang Xiaosheng, they run very fast, as was the era of mercedes-benz trains The book, a magnificently millions of words, tell the story of three generations, spanning 50 years, family as the core network, mainly weeks unfold the story, especially the young people in the different historical period, for the country, society, friends and their role play.The language is heartfelt and touching, real and unaffected.Zhou Zhigang, as a revolutionary worker of the big three lines, is one of the first batch of working class. He is proud of his identity. He does good deeds all his life, is honest and brave, and never complains no matter how hard he is.His three children each represented the three types of people of that time who did not pass through identity and development.Zhou Bingyi was a party member and had high requirements for himself since childhood. He represented the cadre group that truly served the people in that era.Zhou Rong is concerned about the fate of the country and the society of the activist, have their own independent thoughts, dare to think and dare to act, on behalf of The Times of the new intellectuals.Zhou Bingkun.It represents the ordinary people of that era, with different social roles, facing different historical tests, but having a common historical mission, that is, to take on their own roles.Different people have different understanding and weight of their responsibilities, which leads to different destinies and development of various people.The fate of each of us, really like what is said in the book, is not only determined by personal knowledge, education and personality, but often influenced by national and social changes.And the whole social change, often for us these ordinary people, is often reflected in the pain and joy of the skin.Another gain is that I have a deeper understanding of human nature.Each of us will encounter good things and bad things. The so-called good things will turn into bad things, and bad things may turn into good things. We need friends and care for each other in getting along with others.