Huangping liaison station for public interest litigation on protection of giant Panda National Park was established

2022-07-30 0 By

Road to cover news reporter field to protect good named qingyi river basin ecological environment bureau of pingwu county, mianyang city, sichuan province, strengthen the ecological public welfare lawsuit, more accurate and efficient service to ensure smooth wu3 da4 panda park construction, pingwu and panda’s procuratorate “home of the panda” panda national park to protect the public interest litigation Huang Ping junction in pingwu qiang jiang township Huang Ping village founded the lock.This time with the establishment of the Qingyi River Basin “panda homeland” giant Panda National Park protection public interest litigation Huangping liaison station this opportunity, public interest litigation prosecutorial workstation as the fulcrm, extend the tentum of legal supervision, strengthen the docking with the NPC deputies, to form a strong force to protect giant panda national Park by means of the rule of law.Jointly shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the giant Panda National Park ecosystem.Through the establishment of grass-roots procuratorial work stations to strengthen the crackdown on the illegal and criminal acts of destroying the ecological environment and natural resources, the supervision departments actively perform their duties according to law, and provide a strong legal guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization in Qingyijiang area of The Giant Panda National Park.Next, pingwu panda’s procuratorate to the home of “panda” panda national park to protect public interest litigation Huang Ping junction was founded as a new starting point, in accordance with the performance of the public welfare lawsuit procuratorial functions and response on behalf of voices, strengthen collaboration with all township and county departments, actively carry out “with case” as the theme of the campaign, more hard case handle case,Jointly guard the Giant Panda National Park in Pingwu, create more and better “Panda inspection” series brands, and contribute to the construction of the giant Panda National Park and the smooth, dynamic, happy and beautiful socialist modernization of Pingwu.