Did James surpass Michael Jordan?Dwyane Wade: To be honest, in my opinion no one can top Michael Jordan

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Did James surpass Michael Jordan?Wade:To tell the truth, in my opinion, no one can go beyond Jordan NBA all-star votes has formally ended the season, the lakers star king James again elected votes, that also means that his career ninth king when the votes, the record is now tied the Jordan, the basketball gods career James in to follow the footsteps of Jordan still today,The record is a personal honor for James, and Jordan’s status as one of basketball’s most mythic figures certainly deserves recognition. In recent seasons, the question of whether James has surpassed Jordan has grown louder, and many legends have expressed their opinions.Dwyane Wade, one of the greatest point guards in NBA history and a close friend of James, also talked about whether James is better than Jordan. “Honestly, in my mind, no one is better than Michael Jordan,” Wade said.Obviously, even though Wade and James are close, the answer to the question of whether James is better than Jordan is pretty clear. Wade still thinks Jordan is one of the best players of all time, not even James, but that’s just wade’s opinion.Of course, there are legends who say James has already surpassed Michael Jordan as the best player of all time.James is in his 19th season in the NBA, which is unique for a player to remain at the top of his game in his 19th season, leading his team to a championship.But for James is also the most difficult career this season, a season because the team’s poor situation, and to James really continue to title, time is running out, if you can’t win of the season, obviously is a waste of a season for James, you know, James has been to Jordan as catch up with the target.SouTu editor Jordan comparison with James had to wait until after James retired to the final answer, for now, James has been basically completed in terms of career data beyond the Jordan, but in terms of personal honor, James is not beyond the Jordan, both in total champion, MVP and FMVP Numbers also – behind.To be sure, the odds of surpassing Jordan in the MVP count are pretty slim. We’re two titles short of FMVPS, and that would mean winning two more titles and both FMVPS, which is pretty slim.