Buy is to earn, Beijing aviator reduced the price of 10 million yuan

2022-07-30 0 By

Dear fliers, you have been waiting for so long and finally have a discount. Xiaobian learned that Beijing Zhongqingzhilin Lincoln Store has a discount of 10,000 yuan for car purchase until March 28th.Such a good opportunity friends are not also and xiaofian as can not wait to think of the shop to feel it promotion time 2022 March 28 to 2022 March 28 Aviator latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price discount range Beijing quotation 3.0T V63.0T V6 4WD deluxe 3.0T V6 4WD Deluxe 3.0T V6 4WD Deluxe 3.0T V6 4WD Deluxe 3.0T V6 599,800Four-wheel drive Executive edition 3.T V6 Four-wheel drive Presidential Edition 3.T V6 Limited edition 699,800 MONO