Anus or life?Country section big tumor hospital expert: protect anus to protect life again already

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Anus, as one of the important organs of the human body, its good function is the necessary condition of perfect quality of life, without the anus or anal function of life, there is no quality at all.Rectal cancer patients often face the dilemma of preserving anus or life.But there is hope.”Believe in the future, the treatment of low rectal cancer, life preservation and anal preservation is no longer a single choice, but a multiple choice, one can not be less.”Professor Zhu ji said.Today, the clinic 604, namely “anus protection clinic”, opened. Professor Zhu Ji, vice president of the hospital, Department of abdominal radiotherapy, Professor Ju Haixing, department of colorectal surgery and Professor Shi Lei, Department of radiology were present together.”I am only 40 years old, can not do without anus.” Low rectal cancer anus resection is a worldwide problem, about 200,000 patients worldwide every year unfortunately anus resection.Due to the small operation space, poor visual field exposure and difficulty in achieving accurate resection and fine suture in traditional rectal cancer surgery, patients with low rectal cancer need to cut the anus for nearly 100 years.Because for patients with ultra-low rectal cancer whose distance is less than 5cm from the anus, in order to completely remove the tumor, the surrounding related structures must be removed, so it is not necessary to remove the anus to achieve radical cure of the tumor.A permanent artificial anus after surgery may be an inevitable consequence of the diversion of fecal matter after anal resection.The pain and many complications caused by artificial anus are serious problems for patients with low rectal cancer.The practice of permanent artificial anus may have a strong impact on the patient’s psychological and quality of life, and may even affect the patient’s willingness to receive treatment, thus delaying the opportunity to seek medical treatment.Li, who is in his early 40s, was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer, which is only 4cm away from the anus.A lot of large 3 armour hospital looked, can operation excises tumour, but cannot keep anus.It was hard for Mr. Li to accept such a choice, and every time he talked about the possibility of not preserving anal, he began to get emotional.After unsuccessful visits to several hospitals, Mr. Li was once discouraged. Later, after the introduction of a patient, he said that the National University of Science and Technology Cancer Hospital successfully saved the anus for many patients with low rectal cancer. Holding the last hope, he came to the outpatient clinic of Professor Zhu Ji, vice president of the National University of Science and Technology Cancer Hospital.After a series of examinations and analysis, Professor Zhu ji gave a solution: you can try to preserve the anus.Rectal cancer patients, to achieve “both life and anal protection” Professor Zhu Ji’s confidence, derived from a clinical trial of 8 years.Zhu’s team conducted a phase III study on the use of two drugs in neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer. The results of this study have been included in the Colorectal cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) and the Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines of Chinese Cancer (CACA) in 2021, becoming the latest reference in this field.”We see a lot of patients with low rectal cancer in the clinic who are torn between saving their life and saving their anus.”Zhu’s team’s study showed that the rational use of the two drugs in neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer can reduce the tumor in such patients, thus obtaining the opportunity to preserve the anus, or even realize the disappearance of the tumor, without further surgery.In clinical practice, Zhu Ji receives hundreds of patients with rectal cancer every year. With the update of treatment concept, more than 80 patients with low rectal cancer have achieved “both life and anus protection” through such treatment.”Not only should we live long, but also live well.” “From the perspective of imaging, patients with rectal cancer should undergo standardized imaging examinations, especially rectal high-resolution magnetic resonance, which is very necessary for the evaluation of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy. Regular, fixed-point and standardized examinations are required.For patients who come to the Anus clinic, we will open a corresponding green channel for examination and fine evaluation.”Shi Lei, director of radiology Department, said that as an oncology hospital, the radiology department of the hospital has a team of professional imaging physicians and technicians in the direction of rectum, with specialized training requirements and standards, structured evaluation reports, and the whole process of professional imaging tracking management for patients.It is understood that the state University Cancer Hospital rectal cancer MDT team, brought together abdominal radiotherapy department, colorectal surgery, imaging department many domestic well-known experts, the use of international first-class radiotherapy equipment, through the “accurate image, comprehensive evaluation;Precision radiotherapy, watchful waiting;Fine surgery, minimally invasive anal preservation;Meticulous nursing, functional rehabilitation “whole-process management, for patients to develop individual adaptive programs, so that patients in the long-term survival on the basis of the maximum probability of anal function retention opportunities.”The goal of our anti-tumor therapy is not just to live long, but to live well.Our anus preservation clinic is designed to provide a new treatment option for patients with low rectal cancer.”Professor Zhu ji said.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: