Second baby, third baby, what do you think?

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Why do not want to have a baby, give subsidies do not do.In fact, there are also willing to live, such as four or six lines of small cities, they give birth to baby baby cost is low, life is stable, both elderly help.The first and second tier cities generally do not want to, the cost of living is high, mortgage car loan credit card, work pressure and busy, high parenting costs.Yes, the state is to subsidize, it looks like a lot, but many people say it is not the money.What’s the problem?The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the first problem. If they are both in the same city, it is normal for the two generations to get help and raise their children. I believe all daughters-in-law have experienced it themselves.According to the 80-20 rule, 80 percent of families do not have a good relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.There is nothing wrong with this concept. You see, when a daughter-in-law enters her husband’s house in ancient times, the mother-in-law has to take her to be familiar with family affairs, relatives and all kinds of human contacts.The process of integrating the bride into her husband’s family, coupled with the experience of giving birth to children, should be part of the mother-in-law.In the years to come, when the mother-in-law grew old and the daughter-in-law took care of the hospital bed, it was a reward. At that time, it was the man who was striving for his future, and the daughter-in-law had children in the rear and took care of the family affairs.Now the mothers-in-law do not expect their daughter-in-law, they have sons and daughters, that is not wrong, people are heart for heart, they are old and can not move directly let the daughter to leave her husband’s family to take care of themselves, let the son resign to take care of themselves.Now the general marriage quality is not high, with the doll, it is trivial a chicken hair, small doll is what also can’t do, but must force you what also can’t do, if coupled with the husband giant baby, mother-in-law difficult, that got, this woman’s life is absolutely in the collapse.Marriage loyalty is not high, the husband is not willing to pay in the family, heart is also for the sake of this family day in the outside waves, but also talk I earn money ah, I go, that you are not married to a wife you are married nanny ah, once the cheating let a woman out of the house, get, get married map what, give birth to children map what.Now the society is harsh to women, engage in business said you do not care about the family, take baby at home said you have no future to eat son, go to work and take baby that is a superman, woman she has a job, a house and a car to make money and spend their own money it is not sweet, neither lack of fathers nor lack of father, why to get married baby……90 after 00 after a look, yo ha, didn’t see a few people get married and live baby happy ah, that pull down, I don’t get married and live baby.There is also a minority situation is their mental is a child, also what child ah, have no more trouble, support them that is the past the old thought, LingJi years I worked in Shanghai, when a child government award thirty thousand, many people are reluctant to have children, because is the only child, after marriage live on both sides of the husband’s family, their parents have children don’t want to drag myself,Even if in the parents urge birth, also throw to parents take, give birth to two children, that is not willing to give birth, give birth to one that is to complete the task.This society, live hard, everyone a look at their own so bitter tired, or forget, give birth to a baby out of the bitter tired to him, simply not born.