Before leaving Zhengzhou, why did the health code suddenly turn “red”?What reason?How to deal with?

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In the past two days, many zhengzhou residents reported to reporters of Henan Business Daily and “I Want @ leader” that their health code suddenly changed red and they received short messages informing them that nucleic acid tests were needed before they left Zhengzhou.”What puzzled me was that my whole family stayed in Zhengzhou during the Spring Festival holiday. I was the only one in my family who suddenly received a text message and the itinerary changed.”Zhengzhou citizen Zhao said.She often needs to go to different places in Zhengzhou for business. Once the trip code changes color, it is very troublesome.Zhengzhou resident Ms. Gao also encountered the same situation, she said she did not leave Zhengzhou, but the health code red twice a day.”When I noticed that the code had turned red, I asked the community coordinator to change it once, but then it turned red again and I changed it again.”Zhengzhou some people’s health code why will suddenly change color?After discoloration how will solve again?To find out reasons of code change, the morning of February 7, the top news, henan business newspaper reporter contact to digital technology co., LTD. Of zhengzhou, the company officials said: “our company only provide the technical support, but our technology is certainly no problem, if the citizens of such problems, we suggest you to consult fu yards of relevant departments.”Then, the reporter of top news · Henan Business Daily called zhengzhou epidemic prevention and control health hotline 12320 for consultation.Staff said today they also encountered a lot of citizens asking questions about this kind of problem, they do not know exactly what the cause is, but do not rule out the possibility of big data push problems.What should citizens do in such cases?How to transcode?According to the staff of Zhengzhou epidemic prevention and control health hotline 12320, when citizens encounter such cases, they only need to report to the community in time, and then transcode after the community staff check their background travel track.The epidemic prevention and control departments of zhengzhou also answered this question.A staff member from jinshui District epidemic prevention and control Headquarters also said, “When citizens encounter such situations, they only need to report to the community in time to complete the transcoding.”A staff member from the Epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Zhengdong New Area said, “If you have not gone out of Zhengzhou to change the code, you only need to report to the community. If you have returned to Zhengzhou from outside Zhengzhou, you need to report in Zhenghao Office in advance, and then go to the community to change the code.”The reporter of Top news · Henan Business Daily also turned the health code into “red” question and fed back to zhengzhou Epidemic prevention and control headquarters. If the cause is found out, top news · Henan Business Daily will announce it in time.Editor Miao Yaxiang