Whether it’s a coat or a down jacket, choosing an interior is key!These 6 combinations are worth trying

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Although it is still winter, the clothes we wear are not necessarily only suitable for winter.I believe that when we wear coats or down jackets in winter, the most careful selection must not be the outermost coat, but the inside of the interior.Although it is in winter, the temperature outside is cold, but in many cases we are to take off the coat to stay indoors, so choose the interior, choose the interior is very important.How to choose the inner match, and with the choice of inner match clothes to wear a variety of different styles, it is also a difficult problem for us.Don’t worry, today we’ve brought you six combinations worth trying, each with tips that can be used in multiple outfits.By the end of today’s article, even newbies can make it through the winter.Let’s watch it together!Inside the color selection is very important, simple but can not ignore the color selection ① : the same color collocation is not wrong no matter what clothes we choose, the first thing we should pay attention to is the color.Because the color of clothes is the first thing people notice, whether they understand fashion or not, the color of clothes can bring a sense of preoccupation.Today, the matching of lining and down jacket or coat is the color matching between two items, such as “1+1” combination. First of all, we think of the same color matching method.The same color collocation method refers to the selection of the same or similar color of the single product for collocation, such collocation method is the least likely to make mistakes, because the collocation of similar colors will look very harmonious, so this method is generally a necessary method for beginners to match.We need to understand that the more simple the way, the more likely it is to look flat, and increase the risk of matching.Color selection (2) : jump color echo is very fashionable if the same color collocation is a relatively simple collocation method, then jump color echo this collocation method is more advanced.Some people are not willing to try to jump color echo collocation method, because feel that once there is a color is not appropriate, will cause the whole to tacky chaos;There are still people who think that the method of color echo is not a bit desirable, with wearing in the will make all items become conflict.No matter you pair jump color echo collocation viewpoint is which kind, in down jacket yu takes such combination, jump color echo is the method that does not allow to ignore.Winter coat such as down jacket or coat itself has a large sense of volume, so it is the most easy to become the visual center in wearing. If you just follow its color to choose the inner match used, it will make the whole look without a sense of layering.Inside the style performance details, can add points to the overall style details ① : visual effects on the elements > pure color although after the color we want to carry out the selection method on the style, but first introduced to the contrast of elements and pure color, but also related to the choice of color.Element style refers to the integration of certain elements on the inside, such style is often easier to be noticed, but also can increase the overall wear distinction.Build with pure color money inside compare, the biggest inadequacy that element money builds inside is not quite concise namely, when choosing so, we are about to choose the contracted design such as stripe.Style details (2) : the small design is very clever in addition to the details on the elements, the small design of the clothing itself is also very clever.Inside build besides heat preservation this one foundation action, it is to improve integral beautiful degree, and beautiful degree is about to reflect through design feeling.Lace design is the most common design used on the inner tower, because such a design is more three-dimensional, increase the sense of visual impact.The last part of the choice of the collar is its version, the choice of the version can be from small to large, from the details to the whole.The details will depend on the collar and sleeve. Compared with the collar, when we are stacking multiple garments, the sleeve part will be more or less blocked, so we will focus on the collar part that will be exposed in most cases.The collar that takes inside commonly can be divided roughly for high collar and low collar, the advantage that takes inside high collar most outstanding is to protect warmth sex, still have the fashionable feeling that makes effortlessly at the same time fold wear, low collar takes inside more suit to match other bigger sheet to taste show, or the sheet that tie-in collar is a bit taller is tasted as warm preservation sheet to taste only appear.Version key points (2) : the majority of the inner version of the elastic version is reflected in the tightness of clothing, usually, we recommend that you choose a relatively tight version of the inner version.Because the tight style can fit with the figure higher, so when wearing multi-layer clothing, comfort is naturally higher.At the same time, the tight style can outline the curve more when wearing alone, so that when taking off the coat indoors, it can bring a strong sense of contrast and better wearing effect.Of course, this does not mean that we do not recommend you to choose loose inside, because everyone’s preferences are different, many people think that loose inside on the body without binding feeling, wearing up more comfortable.In addition, loose inside build tolerance to the figure is higher, so that the audience is more extensive.Well, this is the end of the content, I believe that read these dress tips, you must have something!If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to comment and interact with me below!I’ll see you next time