Thieves take advantage of the Holiday “eat fat several catties”?Police remind shops must do this!

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Waking up from the Spring Festival celebrations, kids are trying to start the New Year of the Tiger.But in the festival, individual criminals take advantage of the Spring Festival, the property of the citizens “hand out”.A few days ago, a stationery store owner in Yangpu District, world Road, just opened the door after the holiday, unexpectedly found that the store kept 1,500 yuan in cash disappeared.The boss immediately called the police for help.After receiving the alarm, the local changhai Road police station immediately launched an investigation. By taking public videos inside and outside the stationery shop, the police soon found the suspicious person.At around 2 am on February 2, a woman in a windbreaker opened the glass door of the stationery shop stealthily, then went through the cashier’s counter and finally took 1,500 yuan in cash left in the cashier’s counter.Fortunately, the stationery store’s public video was of good quality and helped police quickly grasp the woman’s physical description and escape route.According to the video of stealing money in the store, as well as the video of escaping outside the store, the police at 11 o ‘clock in the evening, in a convenience store on Jiang Road, will be eating instant noodles woman Wu mou arrested.According to Wu mou account, she passed the stationery shop in the early morning, found that the glass door was not locked, hence the idea of stealing money.At that time, Wu mou stole 1500 yuan cash from the stationery store, had not had time to splurge, the case was quickly solved by the police.Also during the Spring Festival, a restaurant located on the riverside of Yangpu was robbed, and all frozen chicken and ducks and other ingredients disappeared from the kitchen freezer.Apportioning pingliang road police station police call after the public video found that frozen chicken and duck are all taken away by Chen.According to the public video, police finally arrested Chen at a construction site near Anpu Road.According to Chen, he came across the restaurant’s kitchen while taking a walk, which was unlocked and unattended at night.So Chen sneaked into the kitchen at night and stole frozen chicken and duck and some simple ingredients from the freezer.Four times in total.Pingliang road police station integrated command room deputy director Qi Chen told reporters that Chen stole these chicken, duck and fish, all by him a person during the Spring Festival to eat.When police caught him, he said he had “gained several kilograms from eating.”At present, Wu mou, Chen Mou two people, because of suspected theft, has been detained by the Yangpu police criminal law, the case is being further tried.Police remind, shop unattended, should be timely lock, valuables must be properly taken care of, to avoid similar situations.Text/photo: Chen Tao Editor: Wu Baixin * Reprinted please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat view number author: Shanghai Yangpu