Exposure of the National football team and make two big absurd decisions, willful to make public anger, the Super or become a victim again

2022-07-28 0 By

While the Chinese women’s team was winning, the national team had returned to Suzhou for quarantine and was scheduled to begin formal rehabilitation training on Sunday, February 6.But then the football association according to the plan of the national football team after the exposure of two things, and was a piece of abuse by netizens.Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Thank you.The Beijing Youth Daily reporter pointed out that the national football team has returned to Suzhou for quarantine, they will not resume full training on Saturday, and will officially begin rehabilitation training on Sunday.After returning to China, the Chinese team will also be quarantined for 14+7 days, which is expected to be officially lifted and returned to their families on February 24, so that the Lunar New Year is almost out, and the year is basically over.But because of the need to follow the current epidemic prevention isolation measures, so the team’s future, but also play a big question mark, it seems, there are two things very important a thing it, on February 24, well after the quarantine, China may after a short vacation will be back in training, because the Chinese team and two World Cup qualifiers in March,The final two games of the round of 12 phase will be against Saudi Arabia at home and Oman away.From the current situation, China is certainly not on our own at home, so must be put in the home and overseas and against Oman, is March 29th is certainly want to play on the road, this also means that the Chinese team, if in accordance with the previous treatment method at home and put in west Asia game,Therefore, they must arrive in West Asia before March 20th, so the training should be around March 10th. That is to say, if the isolation is lifted on February 24th, the National football team is expected to have only half a month’s rest time at most.However, the problem is that the FOOTBALL Association is likely to follow the previous approach and postpone the time of the league when the international players go abroad to prepare for the match. Because the international players will finish the match on March 29, and they will be released after April 20 if they return to China for another 21 days of isolation.This means that the start of the CSL will probably be postponed to around April 25th. If we play the Asian Champions League with the adult teams, the league will be further postponed, not excluding the postponement to May.As a result, the CSL, which was shut down for four months last year as the national team prepared for World Cup qualifiers, is likely to be further fragmented by 2022, further reducing the value of its existence.No wonder netizens, after seeing the news, are also a chorus of scolding, are asking the FOOTBALL Association, can not separate the Chinese Super League from the national team?Did not have that a few national foot, super kick can not go down?