Excavators “save” excavators, excavators trapped again

2022-07-28 0 By

April 6 afternoon, Yunnan Honghe Prefecture Jinshuihe town community 7 people trapped in the middle of a river received a report after the Jinping County fire rescue brigade immediately sent firefighters to investigate the scene found that the river depth of about two meters, combined with the scene situation, 2 firefighters in the upstream of the river as an observation post, always do a good job of scene security alert.Carry in the safe protection after another firefighter swim to excavator lifesaving equipment to carry out rescue efforts to assist the men wear protective gear, then shore six firefighters use traction system began to implement transport 7 on the scene the men trapped personnel arrived in safe areas one by end of rescue operations according to the trapped persons,At first, one excavator got stuck in the mire while working on the beach on the other side of the river. Several workers prepared to take another excavator to rescue them, but when their excavator drove to the middle of the river, it stalled due to flooding and could not start. They were trapped in the river and had to resort to fire fighting.- When working in the river and the beach near the river, we should fully investigate and evaluate the environment, make protective measures and prepare emergency plans. If you encounter any danger, please immediately call 119 to tell the location, the number of trapped people and the surrounding situation, and emergency communication methods to wait for rescue