Comment 1+1: Keyboard man’s party is over

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In the early morning of January 24, Liu Xuezhou, a boy in Hebei province who is seeking his family, posted a long post on his micro blog about his life of being betrayed by his birth parents, the death of his adoptive parents, school bullying and molestation, and Internet abuse.At noon that day, Sanya police confirmed that Liu Xuezhou committed suicide in Sanya.Police in Hebei and Shanxi have launched an investigation into liu’s writings and contacted his biological parents.Meanwhile, the Cyberspace Administration of the CPC Central Committee (CAC) has decided to launch a one-month campaign to clean up the Internet environment during the 2022 Spring Festival.In particular, the government has focused on addressing issues such as online violence and spreading rumors, effectively safeguarding the interests of Internet users, and focused on addressing online violence such as human flesh searches and abusive attacks by inciting opposition among Internet users through epidemic diseases and hot social issues.Workers’ Daily: Everyone is a part of the fight against “Internet flood water” in real life, if someone deliberately insults others, according to the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law”, the maximum can be detained for less than 10 days.However, in a number of incidents of network violence causing substantial harm to the parties, there is almost no specific who has paid the price.Internet bullies are like the tide that can wash out everything, but it is hard to separate the drops of water from which to blame.Indeed, if history is any guide, the tide that flooded Liu xuezhou may be turning around and attacking his biological parents.It’s decided and everyone who spews nasty things is a part of it and it’s decided.On the other hand, be kind and sensible when judging hot people and events, even if it’s just a matter of keeping your mouth shut.Hopefully, next time, we’ll all be part of this dam against net surge water.Rule of law Daily: The Internet is not a place outside the law.No one can do what they want on the Internet.Victims of online infringement should also take up legal weapons in time to safeguard their own rights and interests, according to civil Code, personal Information protection law and other provisions, first complain to the platform, preservation of evidence.In the process of protecting the rights of victims, the platform has the obligation to communicate with them. When the evidence presented by victims is authentic, the platform has the obligation to delete, disconnect, block and other measures in a timely manner.If the Platform intentionally fails to take measures, resulting in expanded damage consequences, the platform shall be liable accordingly.In a long post on weibo, Liu said he had left some evidence and recordings in his mobile phone album to the police, hoping that those who commit cyber violence will be punished.This is an indictment of cyberbullying.How many more tragedies will happen if cyber violence is not eradicated?The Paper: It is necessary to take more detailed management measures to prevent the breeding of online violence platforms, change the Internet ecosystem, establish a more stable and predictable online order, and set up a “firewall” and “high-voltage line” of online rules.The application of technology creates an open atmosphere for online participation, but it is by no means a “workshop” that connives at harm.In limiting online violence, platforms need to take more sophisticated management measures.In response to the Liu xuezhou incident, Weibo said it had cleaned up the illegal content that leaked the person’s privacy and stirred up conflicts and disputes. It also reminded users that they can choose to turn on a “comment firewall” to block comments suspected of personal attacks and spam.The Internet is not illegal. Only by giving full play to the warning and prevention role of the law can more people be in awe and stop.A peaceful and rational network application environment depends on the construction and maintenance of everyone.The Liu Xuezhou incident and other painful lessons before it show that online violence is not caused by abstract words, but by real violence inflicted on victims.No one wants to be swallowed up by such harm, and no one has the right to encourage it.Redstar news: increase governance efforts, so that network violence is constantly “blasting” governance network violence.How to define cyber violence more accurately and what types of cyber violence there are may still need to be discussed by professionals.But the network violence “lethality” is huge, wherever it goes, blood and tears, light let the victims can not disperse the psychological shadow for a long time, heavy let some victims can not bear the network violence and make extreme behavior.Real action is the key to combating Internet violence.Although the governance of network atrocities, can not be accomplished overnight, is destined to be a hard and long work, but increase the governance efforts, network atrocities to be constantly “blasting”.Now regulators have made it clear that something needs to be done at all levels.At the same time, some people who are capable of beating others on the Internet should be restrained.As relevant departments continue to improve the precision of governance, the implementation of Internet violence also want to run away, is doomed to be unrealistic.It is necessary to defend the rights and interests of the victims and cultivate a good network ecology to regulate Internet violence and rumors.Beijing Evening News: Let every Liu Xuezhou from the suffering of network violence since the emergence of network violence, it fell under the gun of the people are not a few.Some claim from the moral high ground that the abuse of clients has not changed.Some netizens left comments on Liu’s Micro blog, questioning whether he was using the search for relatives to create publicity for himself, and using the kindness of netizens to win sympathy.Individual consciousness leads to collective unconsciousness. It is an indisputable fact that everyone tries to be quick but lets the attacked be bombarded in turn.How many people are psychologically strong enough to withstand such attacks, and how many participants of cyber violence have experienced the feelings of those attacked?”Defamation is illegal and evidence is withheld,” Liu said in a comment on his Weibo account about online violence.But Liu Xuezhou has been gone, it is libel, there is evidence, but who will defend his rights, let network violence assume the corresponding legal responsibility?As another living life is lost, we need to reflect on the pain.Governance of network violence, not ruthless hand no, no heavy fist is not good, in continuing to resolutely say no to network violence at the same time, to borrow the special rectification to increase the fight, to outcrop on the fight of decisive, effective and effective measures, curb the spread of network Liu Xuezhou is not the same as “Liu Xuezhou A”. His second major change is that he decided to publish the story online, trying to get an explanation in cyberspace.After that, the Internet was completely out of his control, and he was bombarded with attacks.From classical motivational attribution logic, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would gnash hatred at an unrelated other, but the web offers another way of symbolizing it — he’s just an account, and an attack on a person is just a private message to an account.Therefore, in the eyes of some people, Liu Xuezhou is nothing more than an account named “Liu Xuezhou A” (microblog name), a source of curiosity, an element of the so-called “Internet melon eating”, where the attacks on him are almost subconscious, unthinking and use the most mean words.It was not until Liu Xuezhou ended his life in an extreme way that many people suddenly realized that he was a human being and a child and would leave this world completely.And this is all hindsight.At the beginning and end of Liu Xuezhou’s life, he still felt helpless and helpless. In these two stages, he was not fully treated as a person.(Huanghe Comment box: Editor: Liang Bing overall planning: Wang Pan