Chapter 927 Buying papers

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Full treasure and bai Shan Bai Erlang also stood in the second door to see the Yang people left, Zhuang Turned to see them motionless, then cough a way: “Well, so many people to dig stones for you, you should be a good effort.”Bai Shan, bowing and responding, went back to his study with Mr. Zhuang.Man treasure finished his new lesson, silently recited several times, and finished his homework, sank into consciousness and looked at the time in the system, felt almost up, “Sir, I go out.”Mr. Trang waved. “Go ahead, go ahead.”Bai Shan found time to lift his head from the book and said out of the window, “Daji, you send man Bao.”Go and drive the buggy in the front yard.Man treasure turned around to find a piece of big white paper, raised a pen in the above write a line of characters —- to receive the paper (national school and imperial college year examination, the end of the examination and the exam paper).After finishing writing, Man Bao blew in Mr. Zhuang’s dumbstruck, and rolled up to walk away when it was almost dry. He also extended his hand to Mr. Zhuang and said, “Sir, I really have to go, Shanbao, you remember to help me wash my pen.”Bai Shan this just found her pen hasn’t washed it, he just want to express objection, full treasure already run away.Bai Shan could not help grumbling, he hated to wash pens.Man Bao carried her small basket on her back, which contained a pen, ink, paper and inkstone, which was always available and might come in need.When they arrived at the gate of the Imperial College, it was time for them to go to school.Full treasure immediately took out that big character to Daji, “quickly open the station to the gate.”Joe:…After staring at each other for a while, Man Bao asked, “Is there a problem?”Big luck red face —- ashamed!He silently unfolded the paper and stood opposite the gate of the imperial Academy.Man Bao nodded with satisfaction, put his basket at his feet, and stood by his side with little hands on his back.The students who filed out looked at the white paper proffered by Ji Ji’s hand, then at Man Bao, and left one after another. But some stopped to look at it for a moment, and then came forward, shaking the folded fan, “Dear girl, you want to collect your papers?”Man Bao nodded, “You have?”He laughed and said, “I am a student of Guozixue, how can I not?But the paper is at home, it’s too much trouble to get it, why don’t I read it out and you write it down?”Man Bao smiled and said, “Of course.”She turned to take a pen and paper from her basket and smiled at him. “Read it.”The other party picked pick eyebrow, obviously did not expect her to prepare so complete, smile way: “not urgent, we first to talk about the price how?”Full treasure way: “a set of test paper one money silver.””Only one dollar?””One money already a lot of good good,” man treasure way: “I did not want your answer again, the paper also is not you, even do not want you to write out, even ink and paper costs you are free, just retelling can earn one money silver is not much ah?””But this is the examination paper of Chinese elementary school.””Yes, so I gave you one money silver ah, if the examination paper of other academy, I ten money all don’t give of.”Student:…Man Bao was ready and asked, “Are you going to sell it or not?”The other party leng once after nod way: “sell, you can listen to good.”He coughed a little and read behind his hands: “The Patent says: ‘Kemingde.’Tai A’ said: ‘Look in a bright position.’The Canon of Emperors says,’ Keming and jun are virtuous.’It’s all self-evident.”Man Bao looked at him quietly.He saw that Man bao did not write, then asked: “Why don’t you remember?Can’t you write?That’s all right. I’ll write it for you, just for an extra touch – up fee.”Man Bao dodged his hand and asked, “And then?Is that the topic of strategy?””No, this is the book.”Full treasure not good spirit of ask, “you post classics test” university “ah.”The student blinked, “Yes, the University is the most important in the Book of Rites. Of course, I will take the exam.”Man Treasure thought for a while and felt that what he said was also reasonable, so he asked, “Do you often take an examination of the University?””All right, do you remember or not?”Man Bao took a look at him and wrote only the word “university” on the paper. Then he continued to ask, “Where do you get the questions from?All from The University?”The student smiled at her and said, “Gentlemen all like to ask questions from the Book of Rites.”The Book of Rites was so thick that Bai Shan had memorized it. Bai Erlang probably had enough. “Which part of the Book of Rites?””That’s a different price,” said the student.Full treasure suspicious of looking at him, ask a way: “calculate, post classics of what put aside first, you last year the end of the test of the theory topic is what?”That’s the most important thing.The student blinked and said: “He who is true to his will does not deceive himself.That’s it.”Full treasure bite pen to see him, after half ring doubt of ask, “just now you give me the post classics is which year of the end of the examination?””Last year’s.”Full treasure gnash teeth of ask, “Sir Of your home set a question to be able to post classics and plan theory together a book?”Students cough a way: “what is impossible, we just learned the” university “.Full treasure looked at him suspiciously, “Are you so old to learn” university “?”The student rubbed his cheek and asked, “Am I very old?”The students, who had been trying to suppress their laughter, could not help laughing and said, “Feng Zongping, don’t tease people. Last year, the theory of Chinese Academy of Sciences was clearly ‘the south should be strong and the north should be strong and the south should be strong and the north should be strong and the south should be strong and the north should be strong and the south should be strong and the north should be strong.Wide soft to teach, do not report no way, the south is also strong.A gentleman lives there.Feng Zongping just want to laugh back, corner of the corner of the eye saw the man treasure quickly on the paper to write down “the Mean” Zi Lu ask strong “a few words, he could not help but leng for a moment, again seriously looked at the man treasure,” little lady questionnaire son what?”Full treasure have no good spirit of way: “you lie lie lie, one money silver did not have.”Feng Zongping smiled and apologized, saying, “I didn’t mean it, but it was the first time I saw people collecting papers at the gate of the imperial College, so I couldn’t help wondering, which book shop did the little lady collect the papers for?””I came to collect them for my junior teacher. He is going to take the National School examination. I want to make some papers for him to do.”Feng Zongping laughed and said, “This exam is different from the exam paper we took at the end of the year.”Man bao asked curiously, “How is it different?””The easy ones are much easier, and the hard ones are more difficult,” he said with a smile. “We’ve studied in the Imperial Academy for several years anyway.Is it not that there is no progress after entering school?””Have reason, that if your worship wine give a class of students set a problem, he love from what book set a problem?”The story originated from the Internet, copyright belongs to the original author.