Steamed bread in cold weather, the dough only put yeast “bad”, put a spoonful of it, steamed bread xuan soft dough fast

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The weather becomes cool, steamed bread in the dough is still only yeast, so steamed bread soft dough to be faster, please be sure to put a spoon.Speaking of the most delicious steamed buns, must have their own home steamed, sweet, soft surface bite has a sweet taste of maltose, especially just out of the pot of steamed bread, dip in on a little sauce also can feel extremely delicious, usually eat two at a time, when I was a child, every time steamed buns at home, get into the habit of when to strike.Steamed bread does not look very difficult, but as long as more flour, most complete, especially the “yeast” to come, make more convenient, wheat flour production of wheat flour with yeast, many friends are faced with problems, that in the use of yeast powder, it is necessary to improve its activity, the surface is not take time, but how also don’t come,If it is hot summer, it is easy to stimulate the activity of yeast, this problem does not appear, but now the weather begins to cool, it is very bad for noodles to wake up, this time only use yeast, generally speaking, it is difficult to come out.Baking powder yeast alone are not enough, in order to make noodles, get well soon, really want to put another, put it in words, not only can greatly shorten the time of the noodles, steamed steamed bread is also very soft sweet delicious, so the housewife (husband) with good steamed buns experience may also know that this is granulated sugar, sugar can be described as a “catalyst” yeast,How do you get yeast to be more active and move the dough into the desired shape faster?Before steam buns with warm water dissolve yeast powder, this step is a process of active yeast, a good massage can enter the process of the hair, wake up, the best in the temperature a little higher, for example, in the sunlight, in the hair surface with plastic wrap and moisturizing, cover, hair surface basically ten minutes they became two times.After the dough is done, transfer to the cutting board, sprinkle with the appropriate amount of flour and knead by hand for 2 minutes. This is to exhaust the air, divide the dough into the shape of steamed bread one by one. After kneading all the dough, put it on the cutting board for about 5 minutes and wake up.In the process of waking up, you can put the steamer received enough water to prepare, but do not fire, must wake up after the steamed bread all into the ignition, rapid contraction hardening, steamed bread out of the pot on the basket cooling, steamed bread steamed up is also very soft very sweet very delicious.So far, introduced steamed bread noodles fast and delicious tips, I think it would be good if I can help!If you have any good advice or want to say something, please exchange and discuss together, looking forward to collecting, forwarding and commenting.