Six auspicious, happiness and well-being

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Oh oh oh, the Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year, at this moment, wearing new clothes, new pants and new shoes, I once again to kneel before the CiShou temple Buddha, with rich fenhe shore of the beautiful scenery, and a profusion of room lights, rejoice in the jin merchants brothers family blessing of great merit, hand in hand for you, for him, also for me, blessing!Amida Buddha!!It has been more than ten years since I came to Shanxi Gujiao. This is the tenth Spring Festival that I have spent in Shanxi, and it is also the year of my birth. I frequently review all kinds of personnel in the past and have many words of gratitude and gratitude.A few years ago, every New Year’s Day, I always want to go back to my hometown in Liaoning, these years I do not want to, because I finally understand that my hometown in Liaoning all those happy time without trouble, are my parents with their patience, their hard work, their trouble for.They raise me in the hard days, they shelter from the wind and rain laughter with my growth, they also omnipotent bear my way of misery.So, WITH a grateful heart, I wish my parents good health, joy and good luck!In the past six months, my child always told me that studying was so tiring that she didn’t want to study and wanted to look at her mobile phone.I fully understand her feelings, but in my desire, I want her to grow up better. After all, I know that it is not easy for everyone to live in this world. No one knows what will happen in the future society, job hunting and other aspects, but it is certain that with the development of science and technology, it will be more and more difficult.I want her not to take so many unnecessary detours as I did because of ignorance, limited cognition and narrow vision.But I have not found a better solution, only with my wife to do their best to accompany her looking at the direction of the sea and stars, try their best to struggle, guard and waiting for her growth, feeling the hope of the future.So, I am carrying a grateful heart, bless my wife and daughters spring to winter to everything wins meaning, mountain high water changtian day up.I’ve been out of touch with a lot of people this year.I don’t know my in the mind of northeast people is a what kind of person, I also don’t know the shanxi people give me a what kind of label, I’m not used to judge everyone around me, I was born do not have to deal with interpersonal relationship between personality and wrist, and compare the hate some people on the surface of the pseudo tenderness, secretly is held high the leek sickle, those who let me sad,Let me again and again to hide in the car, crouching in the corner, to the moment of the quilt cry bitterly, in now are tiny, small to trivial things, I analyzed the reason, nothing more than he would not move the abacus seeds, not the five to five into one, one to five on six into a skill, can only be much ado about nothing, stupid is infinite,Struggle with all your might.But more fortunately, there are many people and things around me that are really excellent and great enough, such as: friends and family help and support, long ask short questions, enterprises ride the wind and create brilliant, leaders trust, care and tolerance, colleagues cooperate without arguing for right and wrong……Wait, wait, wait. It’s an honor.So I thank the heart, thank all these warm encounter, wish my friends and relatives all the best health and good health, wish the company is thriving day by day, wish the leadership without worry without joy and peace, wish colleagues a lot of bonus full of riches and honour, wish yourself everything as ideal, everything can go beyond the ideal.Spring breeze and blowing full of heaven and earth six auspicious, Buddha light and shine on the world’s happiness and well-being, the last finally, bless peace and prosperity!Step by step, step by step, step by step, to the future!!